8 Reasons Why You Never Should Miss the Oishi Snacktacular Event this Weekend!

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When in Manila and looking for a fun worthwhile family activity this weekend, we highly recommend you visit the Oishi Snacktacular event from August 7-9 at the Trinoma Activity Center! They’re now on their 2nd year, and here are 8 great reasons why you shouldn’t miss out this weekend!

8. This list really should only have one item on it: CHIPS. Yummy, tasty, everybody’s favorite Oishi snacks. Bread Pan. Prawn Crackers. Pillows. Even the funny sounding ones like Oheya and Korney Cones. All of it is going to be there for you to eat! But if that doesn’t win you over (for whatever weird reason because seriously CHIPS) there’s also…


7. Flying… on top of chips! Just eating chips too plain for you? Well then get strapped in a harness in the “Oishi Snack Catcher” and fly above a huge pool of Oishi snacks! Grab as many as you can to keep!

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6. Even more games. If you have vertigo, don’t worry there are a lot of other games and activities for you. You can “Make Your Own Snack”. Or you can go to the “Snack Shack” and grab as many bags as you can in a certain amount of time. There are fun things to do for all.

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5. Great place for family bonding! Everybody loves family. Take your loved one in all booths and complete this PASS TO WOW to get a FREE Oishi t-shirt and a chance to WIN a 4ft. GIANT Oishi Pack!



4. Great place to have the rest of your family distracted while you go do your own thing. There are so many things going on you can find your friends while the rest of the family is all over the place. Don’t worry, they still know that you love them. 

3. Staying cool. It’s cool to go to Oishi’s Snacktacular, no doubt. But what else is cool is staying physically cool. As in, it’s a hot day and you might be sweating. Don’t worry though, there are going to be large Smart C+ dispensers for some Slush C+ (Get it? Slushies.) and O-Twirl has soft-serve sundaes made from Choco Chug. All to keep you cool.

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2. Meet and Greet Team O members Ramon Bautista, Elmo Magalona, Slater Young, Alex Gonzaga, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla plus more celebrities! Get your phone ready for some selfies! Oishi has got a bunch of celebrity servers lined up, and of course their Team O will also be making a special appearance for his spectacular event! Even celebrities love Oishi, they can’t help it, it’s just too good.


1.The “O, Wow” Experience. It’s uniquely Oishi, you can’t get it anywhere else. With all the performances, activities and favorite Oishi treats it’s impossible to enter and not say “O, Wow!” to get you excited about what Oishi has in store this year.


Invite the whole fambam and join in the fun this weekend! Entrance is absolutely free, but expect to pay a very minimal fee on some attractions to avail of the different activities and prizes…

20 PHP (each) – O-Twirl, Make Your Own Snack Booth and Slush C+
120 PHP – Snack Catcher
295 PHP – Snack Shack
Here’s a guide map of the whole event:


Oishi Snackstacular is on August 7 -9 at the Trinoma Activity Center. See you there!

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8 Reasons Why You Never Should Miss the Oishi Snacktacular Event this Weekend!