NotSocks: Socks That Don’t Feel Like Socks At All

If I’m being honest, I’d choose to go sockless any day, even when I’m working out or teaching Zumba. However, socks really do a lot for the feet. Aside from comfort, they also absorb sweat and even keep moisture off the skin that can cause fungi infections and nasty odors. Athlete’s foot, anyone? Count me out! Luckily, we can go sockless without getting the side effects, thanks to NotSocks.

Going Sockless with NotSocks 1 

NotSocks: The Sockless Solution

Going sockless is cool, but our feet have a huge number of sweat glands and without socks, sweat gets absorbed by the insoles of our shoes. Moisture and fungi are a bad combination and can cause itchiness, cracked skin, and can even infect the nails! Thankfully, NotSocks has found a way to remedy these problems.

Made from a secret combination of sustainable bamboo and natural odor-absorbing charcoal, the two combined emit far infrared rays and negative ions which penetrate the skin and increase circulation and oxygen delivery to cells which is known to increase cellular function and can result in less foot fatigue.

Going Sockless with NotSocks 5

Instead of wearing the socks, NotSocks are wrapped around the shoe insoles. Since some shoes don’t have removable insoles, NotSocks provides two pairs of foot beds that you can cut to your own size.

Going Sockless with NotSocks 3

You’ll get a pair of cardboard footbeds to practice on.

Going Sockless with NotSocks 2

The actual footbed that you should use

Going Sockless with NotSocks 4

How to insert the footbeds into the NotSocks

To learn more about NotSocks and its technology, watch this video tutorial:

If you’re not convinced yet, here are more benefits of NotSocks’ Bamboo-Charcoal technology (from notsocks.com):

  • Anti-bacterial properties; reduces risks of bacteria, infection and eliminates unpleasant foot odours.
  • Aids circulation; the charcoal textile assists with heat preservation and peripheral blood flow.
  • High absorbency and breathability; the ability to dry out or retain moisture depending on the humidity levels.
  • Hypo allergenic; the natural fibres are grown without pesticides, are gentle on the skin and reduce potential irritations or reactions.
  • Strength and durability; bamboo fibres are incredibility strong, colourfast, retain their shape, and won’t shrink in the wash.
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable; bamboo is a rapidly growing plant with regenerative properties meaning less resources and chemicals are required to produce these high quality, biodegradable products.

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