Norwegian Gastronomic Delights with Chef Adrian Løvold

When In Manila and you want to try the delectable Norwegian cuisine, go to I’m Angus at Yakal where Chef Adrian L øvold will be serving fresh seafood from Norway from May 10 to 18.

Adrian Lovold Norway Mae Ilagan When in Manila 1

If there’s one particular thing that I noticed Norwegians and Filipinos have in common it will be our interest in eating seafood! That’s why when I was invited to have a taste of the Norwegian cuisine prepared by the über-young Chef Adrian L øvold, I didn’t hesitate saying yes. He prepared a set menu of fresh seafood from the Nordic seas and highlighted by Norwegian cooking.  


We started the lunch with the President of the Philippine Norway Business Council (PNBC) Capt. Ivar Thomsali, one of the prime movers for this event, welcoming the invited people from the press. He said, “For us this is a very important [event], because we are proud of our seafood we regard Norwegian seafood as the best in the world, no less!” I can see how they’re very excited to taste again their fresh sea produce and that emanated in the whole table.

First on the menu is smoked Salmon with apple, cucumber, soya and tapioca. At first, I thought the tapioca were caviar.

3Smoked Salmon

No wonder the Norwegians seating around the table are very excited for this lunch. The starter is refreshing to one’s palate, the sauce accompanying the fresh Salmon from the Nordic seas and the taste of the apple and cucumber and the bits of tapioca complements each other.

They also served freshly baked breads that Capt. Thomsali said is their number one source of carbohydrate in Norway. He told us how every house bakes their bread every day, and how he learned to eat rice here in the country.

2Freshly baked bread that is perfect with cheese.

From fish, Chef Adrian Løvold served Norwegian Shrimps on top of a toast with Løyrom. At first, I noticed how the shrimps are small compared to what I see in the wet market in our country. But, I spoke to soon as I was amazed at how they were taste different.

4Norwegian Shrimps Toast with Løyrom

To add more delight for your palate Chef Løvold added Løyrom on top of the dish. It’s a kind of caviar, fish eggs or roe, from Sweden. All shrimp lovers would dig the taste of this dish paired with a nice French white wine. In just a snap, I finished eating this one and that’s how delish it was.

My seatmates, Capt. Thomsali and Spanky Hizon, seemed to be too excited for the next Norwegian dish in the menu. I glanced at the menu and saw that it will be another shellfish and Norway is famous for it, King Crabs. 

5Pan-Fried King Crab

It was a huge part of the legs of the crab served with cauliflower cream, sauce japones and chervil. The meat of the crab was juicy and flavorful, and just perfect with the cream and sauce that goes with it. I cannot hear anyone speaking when they served us this dish, we’re too busy devouring ourselves with it.