Noonchi: IG-Worthy Meals That Will Make Your Tummy Happy

I have always had a soft spot for places that offer unique dining experiences. Restaurants or food stalls that serve hearty meals with beautiful plating deserve extra attention. I believe that quality food is an output of a chef who truly expresses his or herself with every meal that is served. He / She aims to create food that does not just momentarily fill up your belly, but also leaves a good lasting memory. Eating at Noonchi gave me exactly that kind of experience.


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Noonchi serves meals that know no restrictions. They are playful, vibrant and above all, DELICIOUS. They’re not just Instagram-worthy; they’ll also make your tongue clean the entire bowl! I can’t categorize it under a certain cuisine because it’s a wonderful mix of everything – Indian, Japanese, Chinese…you name it! However, no matter where it comes from, there’s only one place where it’s going: inside my TUMMY.

Here are some of the bestsellers at Noonchi:

Your New Favorite Instagram-Worthy Comfort Food: NOONCHI

Bulgogi Cheesesteak, Php195

Your New Favorite Instagram-Worthy Comfort Food: NOONCHI

The Bulgogi Cheesesteak is a great appetizer. The cheesy, sweet and salty flavors mix wonderfully in one’s mouth. I couldn’t help but give a smile of satisfaction as I tasted the marinated shaved steak topped with mushrooms, caramelized onions and melted cheese, all of which are enveloped in a soft and crisp squid ink bun.

Your New Favorite Instagram-Worthy Comfort Food: NOONCHI

Bad Baos of Noonchi, Php80 per pc, Php150 for 2 pcs, and Php220 for 3 pcs

Here come the Bad Baos with attitude in every bite! The Barako Spam Bao has teriyaki spam partnered with quick pickled cucumber and coffee aioli. The different textures of the spam and the smooth pickled cucumber are sensational.

Your New Favorite Instagram-Worthy Comfort Food: NOONCHI

The Bibimbao, on the other hand, has bulgogi shaved steak mixed with pickled carrot and cucumber partnered with spicy kimchi. This bao has a bit more of an edge to it because of the stronger flavors. The Birdhouse Bao has tasty fried chicken showered with a sweet / spicy glaze and roasted sesame. I imagine this chicken and mantao / milky bun would go well with a cold bottle of beer.

Your New Favorite Instagram-Worthy Comfort Food: NOONCHI

Khao Soi, Php220

Khao Soi is one of their most innovative dishes. It consists of crunchy noodles in a rich spicy Khao Soi broth served with chicken and a ramen egg. It has its own blend of curry, which makes it uniquely Noonchi. You can taste the red curry paste, smoked paprika and hint of fish sauce that add just the right amount of saltiness and zing!

Your New Favorite Instagram-Worthy Comfort Food: NOONCHI

Bacon Tonkontsu Ramen, Php195

Ramen lovers, here’s a new favorite to add to your list! The Bacon and Tonkotsu Ramen bowl consists of noodles bathed in a warm and rich pork bone broth with bacon dashi and served with sweet bacon, a ramen egg and nori. I like this ramen a lot because you can taste the flavor of the broth even just by munching on the soft noodles.


The gif above shows the careful preparation and intricacy that goes with preparing the dishes at Noonchi.

Your New Favorite Instagram-Worthy Comfort Food: NOONCHI

Chicken and Hangover Noodles, Php210

The Chicken and Hangover Noodles are my absolute FAVORITE. I was told that it was actually made by the chef when he had a hangover. He was feeling hungry, so he decided to mix all of the ingredients he found in the fridge. And, EUREKA! This actually became their bestseller!

Your New Favorite Instagram-Worthy Comfort Food: NOONCHI

The noodles are really flavorful because they’re stirfried in spiced peanut sauce with chicken glazed in a choice of sweet or spicy paste.

All in all, I loved all of the dishes I was able to try at Noonchi! Though they are starting out as a food stall, I think they have a bright future ahead. They’re a perfect example of visually enticing food that doesn’t sacrifice taste. Moreover, the passion and innovation reflect well on their dishes. The chef shares that Noonchi’s vision is to provide customers what they want without having them to verbally say it. I was definitely blown away because I got what I wanted…and so much more! Take your friends and family and try it for yourself!


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