Nono’s: Your Home Away from Home in Makati

Who would have thought that at the heart of Makati’s Central Business District, a restaurant with an elegant façade and classy ambiance serves too-good-to-be-true dishes that will remind you of home?

Three Central Makati holds the finest and classiest restaurants around the city. It is no surprise that Nono’s is placed in this strategic location just beside one of the Metro’s tallest building. From their fancy interiors to marble tables and pastel color scheme, looking at Nono’s from the outside gives its potential customers a feeling of intimidation.

Nono's Foodie Night

It may look too fancy for some of Makati’s working-class audience, but what sets this restaurant apart from the others is that its fancy façade is actually just a mask that you will only be able to unravel once you are inside.

Stepping inside Nono’s, you will be greeted by the smiling and accommodating staff. It is evident that this is not a fancy place, but an upscale ancestral house situated in the busy Makati area. You will see classic Filipino-inspired chairs, cozy interiors and vintage framed photos on the walls. Sitting in their comfortable table setting, the intimidation of their exteriors will be replaced with a feeling of comfort and home.

Nono's Foodie Night

Seeing the full setup of this restaurant, your mind will just have a hint of a doubt if their food is as good as it looks. Most fancy restaurants that I’ve been to usually compromise on food quality to invest more in being Instagrammable. Well, that’s not the case for Nono’s. Their food is so much better than it looks. If you are working in Makati or just happen to pass by, here are some of the dishes that you definitely need to try at Nono’s:

Nono's Foodie Night

Fried Truffle Cheese Wontons (Php165)

Start warming up your tummy with their Fried Truffle Cheese Wonton. It has a surprising flavor in every bite that will remind you of your favorite childhood cheese sticks (but with truffle cheese).

Nono's Foodie Night

Nono’s Salad (Php355)

Made with organic vegetables, Nono’s salad will make you love your greens. It has a mix of seasonal fruits with organic greens, parmesan chips, candied walnuts and almonds, as well as honey lemon dressing drizzled with balsamic glaze – a perfect dish to start your meal!

Nono's Foodie Night

Nono’s Homestyle Fried Chicken (Php325)

Crispy on the outside, juicy and tender inside; Nono’s crowd favorite dish is definitely a star on their menu. Mixed with sweet honey and salty gravy, the flavor of its dip perfectly complements the chicken’s taste. You can either pair it with corn and bread rolls, or corn and fries.

Nono's Foodie Night

Pesto Cream with Grilled Chicken (Php395)

Load up with carbs in the most sophisticated way. The penne pasta drenched in creamy basil pesto topped with grilled chicken is a well-deserved meal after a cardio day at the gym. This dish is good for two, so be sure to bring someone to enjoy this with.

Nono's Foodie Night

Roasted Beef Belly USDA (Php495)

If you love your protein, the Roasted Beef Belly is the perfect dish to order for you and your buddies. Three slices of slow-roasted USDA beef belly are drizzled with balsamic glaze and served with horseradish cream and Nono’s honest-to-goodness mashed potatoes. This dish has the right amount of salt and sweetness complementing its tender beef that will literally melt in your mouth with every bite.

Nono's Foodie Night

Grilled Pork Chop (Php445)

This inch-thick boneless pork chop is for those who want to go all out during lunch. Imagine rewarding yourself with this juicy meat topped with lemon and herb butter. You will thank the heavens for bringing you to Nono’s. With every order of this dish comes another cup of their creamy mashed potatoes which is a star on its own right.

After all of those dishes, it is a must to drown the umami flavor with Nono’s one-of-a-kind desserts. If you have a sweet tooth, the Cookie Skillet a la Mode is a must-try.

Nono's Foodie Night

Cookie Skillet a la Mode (Php195)

You get to choose between a freshly baked brownie cookie or chocolate chip cookie, which will be topped with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with salted caramel sauce.

Nono's Foodie Night

Nono’s Chocolate Oblivion (Php155).

Nono’s Chocolate Oblivion has been perfected for years by the owner’s family making it their house specialty. Not disappointing its name this dessert will put you into an oblivion as you taste the moist chocolate perfectly baked with a surprise in the middle of your slice.

Nono’s also happens to serve all-day breakfast.

Nono's Foodie Night

Chorizo and Eggs (Php365)

The Chorizo and Eggs is their personal take on chorizo, adding some pan roasted potatoes and onions with a well-made sunny side up eggs and garlic fried rice.

Nono's Foodie Night

Nono’s Spicy Tuyo (Php365)

If you want to power up your day, try Nono’s Spicy Tuyo. This dish was crafted by the chef to appeal to Filipino’s taste especially since everyone loves tuyo. I love how the spiciness of this tuyo complements everyone’s favorite breakfast side dish: the Ensaladang Mangga.

Nono's Foodie Night

Nono’s comfort food will definitely make you feel like you are dining at home. Makati’s traffic may drain the energy out of people, but Nono’s will let time pass in a cozy manner. Bring your family, friends, or special someone and just drop everything you are doing by having a sumptuous dinner at Nono’s. You will definitely end up asking yourselves: is there anything bad about Nono’s? Because honestly, after eating all of their dishes, we couldn’t believe that everything we ate was so good.


G/F Three Central, Valero St., Salcedo Village, Makati



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