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The first and only restaurant in Manila that lets customers dine in complete darkness

Noche – Dine in the Dark Manila is the first and only restaurant that not only has its patrons dine in total darkness but also is served by the blind or visually impaired staff.  Our curtains will open starting October 14 – Friday, and we will entrance guests into a unique dining experience every Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays on two dinner services – 6:00 PM & 8:00 PM.

Resources for the Blind

The most important factor of Noche – Dine in the Dark is its waiters and they are one of the major reasons why it was made in the first place – to reduce the unemployment of disabled people in the Philippines which is very high, particularly in visually impaired individuals.

With Noche, we have partnered with Resources for the Blind – an organisation renowned all over the world for their services for the blind and visually impaired in an effort to invigorate the blind community, blind awareness, and stay true to the origins of the experience .  All of the wait staff in our dining area will be provided by Resources for the Blind, allowing customers to engage positively with blind individuals. Customers will experience rare, new insights into how they are able to view the world as well as redefine their ideas and perspectives about people living with disabilities.

The Experience

 We are creating an otherworldly experience. Once sight is taken away, the other senses go into overdrive. Your sense of smell, taste, and touch heighten, altering the way you experience our diverse range of dishes. This is the key to every Dining in the Dark experience as you uncover the sensational truth that people tend to experience food with their eyes, rather than their palate.

The dining experience begins with customers picking from four categories on our mystery menu – Meat, Fish, Vegetarian and Chef’s Surprise (for the adventurous ones). All of our mystery menus start with a two course dinner (Main & Dessert) for an opening promo** price of Php 699 instead of Php 999, then a three course dinner with a Starter, Main and Dessert for an opening promo price of Php 999 instead of Php 1,499, and finally five course option Php 1,499 instead of Php 1,999. Each course that will be provided will have tons of diversity to ensure an ultimate sensory experience. Allergies (if any) will be taken into account.

While waiting, they will be offered games to play while blindfolded. – a preview of what’s to expect (Disclaimer: We don’t use blindfolds in the dining area). Before being led into the dining area, they will  be given optional aprons, and optional disposable gloves to wear. We do encourage guests to opting out of these as one of the key terms in Dining in the Dark and the PWD community is normalisation –  a process of helping individuals with special needs to live as “normal” a life as possible for that individual.

Next, a short history and introduction of how the concept of dining in the dark came to be. Their waiter would then be introduced, and instruct them to form a train –  hand above the guide’s shoulder. With the waiter leading them, they would enter the dining area and be engulfed in total darkness.

Dining in the dark is a sensory experience. While deprived of sight, other senses become heightened. Suddenly you become acutely aware of the texture of food, its taste, and the way the ingredients blend together. Here at Noche we are creating an entirely new way to experience food.

No distractions! We want you to focus on the food and the people you are eating with. By not allowing any light sources, such as cell phones or cameras, we take away any distractions and allow you to rediscover what it means to eat with friends. We aim to be at the forefront of the dining community in the Philippines, bringing new ways to experience food, friends, and family.

*Food is provided by the  Focal Managing Group which has been transforming hotel restaurants since its inception 3 years ago.

**Promo price ends sometime in October

After dining, customers will be given a test form to compete against their friends in identifying what they ate. After comparing results, the contents of the Menu will be revealed through detailed description and pictures.

How dark is total darkness?

You will not be able to see your hand in front of your face. You will be entering a totally different world. Before you adjust to becoming “blind,” it may begin as a disorienting experience but not to worry, it will quickly transform into an evening of laughter and unforgettable memories.

Unique Celebrations with a Cause

Noche – Dine in the Dark also offers birthday parties, team building, Halloween and Christmas parties. Try it for a total unique dining experience, while also supporting our friends at Resources for the Blind.

About Noche – Dine in the Dark Manila

 This experience was a combined effort from SimplyImagine Inc. – a company that specializes in bringing unique experiences to life, and Focal Managing Group – a company that specializes in creating and transforming Hotel restaurants that includes Best Western and Thunderbird Hotel Group.

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