No Helmet Traffic Enforcer vs. No Helmet Motorcycle Back Rider in C5

No Helmet Traffic Enforcer vs. No Helmet Motorcycle Back Rider in C5



A few days back, we posted about the Nationwide Helmet Ban Bill being pushed to fight crimes.

The following story is somewhat related to it in such a way that a motorcycle riding in tandem got stopped along C5 because his back rider was not wearing a helmet. At present, there is an existing law, Republic Act 10054 or the Helmet Law, which requires all motorcycle riders to wear helmets for their protection and safety.

A netizen posted a video on his Facebook about the said incident.

The video is captioned with:

Kanina mga 1pm s mangahan pasig, kanto papuntang c5 road, my naka sabay ako pag momotor pilit ako pinapatabe, dahil walang helmet angkas ko, oo mali ako my violation kaya tama lng n hulihin ako nabasa kc ng ulan extra helmet ko, at willing din ako mag p ticket, pero nd para sigawan at pag duduruin, ang problema, ung humuhuli skin eh nd din naka helmet, nd naka rehistro motor, open muffler, naka taas at my cover n blue ung plaka, kaya sabi ko tikitan nya muna sarili nya bago ako mag p ticket s kanya, g**o daw ako hahahaha kuyang traffic enforcer ng pasig (blue boys) mas g**o k skin!! BwahahahahahaYAYA

(Rough translation: A while ago, around 1 PM in Manggahan, Pasig, in the corner going to C5, I was driving my motorcycle when a traffic enforcer asked me to pull over because my back rider was not wearing a helmet. I admit that it’s my fault so it’s but right that he seized me. My extra helmet got wet due to the rain. I was willing to be ticketed but not to be shouted on. The problem is, the enforcer who apprehended me was not wearing a helmet as well. His motorcycle was not event registered, it has an open muffler, and his plate is covered with a blue plastic. That’s why I told him that before he gives me a ticket, he should issue one for himself. He started cussing at me but I cussed back. BwahahahahahaYAYA.)

Here’s the video:

No Helmet along C5 


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No Helmet Traffic Enforcer vs. No Helmet Motorcycle Back Rider in C5