Newly discovered deep-sea worm is named after this legendary rockstar

Scientists have discovered and identified four new species of deep-sea worms. These creatures were found 3,000 feet below the surface of the Gulf of California.

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Three of these deep-sea worms were named after the scientists involved with the study, and the one was named after Elvis Presley. These four species of worms were named (A) Peinaleopolynoe orphanae, (B) P. elvisi (C) P. goffredia, and (D) P. mineoi.

elvis worm

According to the study published in Zookeys, “The Peinaleopolynoe elvisi is named after the legendary King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley; the iridescent golden/pink elytra are reminiscent of the sparkly, sequined costumes he favored in his late career.”

elvis worm 2

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These worms belong to a group of scale worms, which are distant relatives of earthworms. They are covered in large, overlapping plates used as armor.

Though these worms are shiny, the scientists doubt that their shine can be seen in the deep-sea oceans because of how dark it is there.

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