New trains prone to damage as rocks thrown at them, debris left on tracks

Commuters have been clamoring for more efficient ways to travel around the metro and the country.

However, the Department of Transportation (DOTr) can only do so much.

Recently, a piece of good news that came from the bureau is about the arrival of new trains that can help reduce travel time from Metro Manila to certain parts of Luzon.

Sadly, some of these trains are prone to experiencing possible damage. DOTr said that some of these trains get stones thrown at them when they pass near residential areas. In some cases, debris as left on the tracks to try to damage the undercarriage of the trains.

Hence, the bureau appeals to everyone.

DOTr posted on Facebook:

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The Department of Transportation (DOTr) is one with the Philippine National Railways (PNR) in strongly condemning the stone throwing incidents which have damaged our trains, and are potentially putting the commuter in harm’s way.

We are now closely coordinating with the proper law enforcement authorities to immediately investigate and hold responsible these hooligans and misfits.

The TRAINS are owned by the Filipino people, and we all should do our part in helping their maintenance and upkeep, and help ensure that we protect these infrastructure investments so that majority of our fellow citizens may enjoy their long term use.

These recent stone-throwing reports that have damaged our refurbished trains are indeed disturbing, and disruptive of the operations of the PNR, which has been striving to revitalize this important mass transportation alternative. To date, there have been 14 incidents of stone-throwing recorded from December 2 to 21, 2019 alone.

Fortunately, the new trains from Indonesia were not one of those which were damaged, although there were attempts to wreck the undercarriage by recklessly planting debris along the tracks where the new trains are passing.

As we institute measures to reinforce protection of public property, we would also like to seek the cooperation of the public to help us in reporting these dangerous misdeeds. Your support and assistance will go a long way in helping us put a stop to this nonsensical activity that only endangers lives and property.

There is no place in society for these dastardly acts, especially at a time when when your government is doing everything it can to provide the riding public with modern transport infrastructure.

[Photo Courtesy: PNR General Manager Junn Magno]

What measures can DOTr take to avoid this? Share your recommendations in the comment section.

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