New sneak peeks into Super Nintendo World–it looks AMAZING!

Many of us grew with the likes of Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and the entire roster of characters that make up beloved Nintendo games. We’re all taken by their whimsy, their out-of-this-world antics, and their bright and colorful personalities. Truly, there is nothing like the Mario brothers and other Nintendo favorites that get us laughing and smiling like we’re kids again.

Good news, kids and kids-at-heart! Universal Studios Japan has continued their construction of Super Nintendo World–and it looks AMAZING. I thought it was drawn over the buildings at first because of how vibrantly-colored the attractions and structures were, but upon closer inspection, it looks absolutely real! And we can’t wait to see the rest of it!

Check out the sneak peeks in these photos here:[0]=68.ARAYbgcMv7zQItL6YzrbSvzA5T3c5X3OmGC1vyKwcqwq6bWZ4coKReXVKujW87KEhrrTsz-CW-j2Jjow3s3EY50WGPYvCRTT6Q0JWu9rWm5xquhY4coECZ1EiwKSFltoYe7PZQAFq2gX3X1BZ7zvoDIJoJ0xbOZuhvoEJZ8nsMwcqy6CDKyQZC2mxTivm6wRvY0rBy42fjdrNEZUGY_n8fBDnHAugH8ANl9N4OqSlXE591FSzgjNSC5EFcdTyglSMwFdmBp4W0wsXellencAPbjvdqBYci5sjfJU48NfDoQEstI5jt7TZKko8lmrYAOfbEIlIqFY0By_vbuDIYO9VNpN-g&__tn__=-R

Look how bright and fun it looks. Isn’t it amazing? I feel like I’m being transported to my old games and everything. It’s such a hit of nostalgia and joy, I can’t wait to see it someday (penge budget).

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