New Site Lets You Calculate Distance from Fault Lines

A few days ago, we posted an article that shows the different areas where the East Valley Fault and West Valley Fault run. Though this painted a clear picture for most, others still want to know just exactly how near or far they are from the fault lines.

Thankfully a group of skilled individuals decided to create a website that does exactly that! Through their website https://tremors.instigators.io/, users are able to input their location and the website calculates the exact distance you’re in from the fault line..

Tremor (01)


Since we have a lot of events in Bonifacio Global City, I decided to check just how far it is from the fault line. It scares me to know that it’s merely 1.07km away! Yikes!

Tremor (02)

This is a really cool and handy website! We hope that through this, everyone can be better prepared including the emergency teams. Thank you to the the developers Dominic Tuazon, Louis Michael Concepcion and Emmanuel Soriano, as well as the designer Kyle Abughanem.

Don’t forget to share this with your friends so they can better prepare themselves.