New Manila Bites: Premium Homemade Siomai and Asian Delicacies

Ask college students around Metro Manila about their favorite budget meals and one of them will probably answer the classic siomai rice. While it is known by many to be a budget-friendly snack/meal, you can enjoy a lot more from this classic Chinese dumpling.

Asian restaurants, of course, serve the more traditional and high-quality siomai. But since we’re all safe at home, that’s not an option.

Fortunately, you can still get your deluxe siomai fix even as you stay at home.

New Manila Bites, a newly-established virtual store based in Metro Manila, offers premium homemade siomai and other Asian delicacies for delivery. They take pride in bringing the classic dishes of Asian kitchens straight to your doorstep.

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When we say “premium”, we actually mean it. Their siomai is massive—possibly one of the biggest we’ve seen in the Metro. They also use 100% pork and shrimp in each of their handmade siomai.

No preservatives added! It’s evident with every bite because it just tastes so good and it’s actually very filling.

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One pack of their homemade siomai has 15 pieces and will set you back 300 pesos. Considering the size of the product, plus the quality ingredients, it’s sulit! The pack also includes chili oil.

Aside from excellent siomai made lovingly by hand, New Manila Bites also offers other Asian kitchen favorites such as Japanese kimchi (something new to try!), raw meat for a samgyupsal session at home, dumplings, and pickled mangoes (also known as burong mangga).

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Since we’re all at home and deprived of the great culinary experience at restaurants, enjoying a dish or two from New Manila Bites can easily satisfy your cravings for Asian food while staying inside.

New Manila Bites can deliver all across Metro Manila, and they have resellers based in Quezon City, Manila City, and Las Piñas City. Get your premium siomai fix now!

New Manila Bites