NEW Foodie Find: Power-Packed Munchies at Megawatt in QC! (WIN PHP1,000 GC’s!)


Megawatt – Pizza, Chicken, Burrito in Quezon City

For our latest foodie adventure, our wandering appetites led us up north over at Quezon City to check out an unabashedly geeky restaurant that runs on great-tasting, power-packed munchies and… solar energy! Aptly called Megawatt, this new restaurant is proudly utilize sustainable energy, and holds potential for being your newest go-to spot whenever you’re feeling snacky.


Solar panels outside Megawatt


Inside their restaurant, Megawatt also sells an assortment of collector’s action figures, shoes, and accessories.

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Love their LED lighting detail!


So how does Megawatt power up their restaurant? With solar panels! They have their very own set of solar panels installed on the roof of their restaurant, and also have a set right outside their windows. They also have a recurring power plant theme going on with their interiors, as seen in the raw cement flooring, industrial-style LED lighting fixtures hanging from the ceiling, and neon orange chairs. Not the coziest set-up for a restaurant, as you’d imagine, but where Megawatt’s industrial vibe takes you out of your comfort zone, it hits straight home with its selection of all-out indulgent dishes.


Roast Beef Burrito – PHP 245.00


Nacho-rizo – PHP 158.00


A.M.P. Burger (Angus Megawatt Patty and Hashbrown topped with Egg) – PHP 255.00 


Cheese, Cheese, Cheese Pizza – PHP 315.00

Megawatt’s menu features a hodgepodge of fast food items such as pizzas, pastas, burritos, fries and burgers, with no cohesive concept apparent save for all dishes being familiar, high-cal and satisfying. Megawatt brings something extra to their selection of classic munchies, however, and makes these fast food favourites uniquely their own. Their Roast Beef burrito has juicy beef chunks and paprika-seasoned red rice, their nachos are imported and never go soggy, and their A.M.P. burger has an angus beef patty, a fried egg AND a hash brown in it. Talk about some good eats!


For dessert: Electrified Snickers! – PHP 138.00


They also have some really cool dishes that we wanted to try; like their premium foie gras and truffle pizza, and Jack Daniel’s beef and mushroom  on rice. All the more reason to come back!

And because our friends over at Megawatt are feeling generous, they’re giving away PHP 1,000 GC’s for two lucky winners! Just follow the instructions on the rafflecopter prompt! Winners will be notified via email. Good luck!

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Megawatt – Pizza, Chicken, Burrito

41-A N. Domingo Corner Gilmore Street, Valencia, Quezon City

Contact: 501-29-87

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“NEW Foodie Find: Power-Packed Munchies at Megawatt in QC!”


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