Netizen Shares “Tanim-Bala” Scam Experience and Encourages Everyone to be MORE Attentive

The “tanim-bala” or bullet-planting scam, among other issues in the Philippines, is apparently NOT fixed yet. Last April 19, 2016, a grandmother was allegedly victimized by this scam. She was on her way to the US to seek medical assistance when the horrible incident happened.

Sadly, with just a few days apart, another incident was reported by a netizen as she took to Facebook her disappointment.

tanim bala 1

Photo credit: Jisney Sabong Facebook

According to her, she couldn’t believe this happened to her. In addition, she was also clueless as the bullet was apparently found on the second or final x-ray machine.

Read her full story here:

I rarely post about anything. Just pictures of me, my family and friends and my hugots. But this post is just a reminder to be always mindful of your surroundings and always be careful because it might happen to you. I never imagined that it would happen to me ever. Pero natanim bala ako. Hahaha

tanim bala 2

I was laughing about it after and telling myself that this is an achievement unlocked ???? I know its not a laughing matter but what can we do? This country is fcked up. Sorry. I love Philippines but the system is just fcked up, its crazy. I just can’t imagine that other people would actually do this to innocent people. The bullet casing was found on the second or final xray machine. So go figure. I don’t know how and when it got there because until now we are trying to figure it out but what the heck. To the tanim bala gang, bad karma will find you and you will regret it. I was not detained or anything but still. Fck all the bad people and your bad intentions.

Sorry for cursing. I believe in karma. To my family and friends, always be careful.

Credits Chikelet Kuletett Tomas Ong for immediately taking pictures of this. Haha!

I am sorry but

We, Filipinos, need the TRUE reason why this is happening. Enough with fabricated stories. We need facts and answers.

Hopefully, this scam will eradicate SOON.

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