Netizen Shares: “911 and MMDA responders were prompt, courteous, and efficient.”

An uplifting story emerged online when a Netizen shared their pleasant experience with the 911 and MMDA responders. As shared by Mimi Pascual on Facebook, they were on their way to Ortigas when the indicators for temperature, battery, and engine lit up. While traversing southbound EDSA, they noticed a smoke coming out of the hood. They decided to stop in the middle of the road and called 911. As luck would have it, after the phone call, the MMDA arrived and reassessed the car.

MMDA 911 responder

Photo credit: Mimi Pascual

Moreover, the MMDA brought the car to the shop and made sure the Netizen got home safely.

Here’s the full story:

Thank you Pilipinas 911 and MMDA!

Last night, Danica and I were on our way to Ortigas when the indicators for temp, battery, and engine lit up on my dashboard. We were traversing southbound EDSA when I noticed smoke coming out of the hood. For fear of the car catching fire, I stopped right in the middle of the road, not knowing what to do. I called 911.

MMDA 911 responder

The operator asked me what the problem was, and where we were located exactly. He asked us to stay in the car and wait for the responders. He also asked me to call him back as soon as the MMDA responders came, cause he said if they don’t, “Magagalit si ‘Tatay'” haha

Long story short, they assessed the situation, an MMDA towing service brought my car to the casa, and made sure I got home safe. They were prompt, courteous, and efficient.

MMDA 911 responder

Best part was, everything was FREE. ????

Again, thank you for the help, MMDA and 911.

(Thank you also to early responders Anna Chichioco and Camille Santiago. Haha)

I’m glad to hear positive feedback about the 911 and MMDA responders. I hope they will remain consistent to improve credibility.

The 911 has been implemented last August 1 along with hotline 8888.

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