Good Vibes: She Described The MMDA Officers Who Helped Them “Our Angels in Disguise”

Every Holy Week, one of the activities a family can do is “Visita Iglesia.” Visita Iglesia or Seven (7) Churches visitation is a staple tradition for most Filipino Roman Catholics.

While it is expected to have a lot of people on the road (going to churches), this family didn’t expect to meet “angels in disguise.”

Here’s the story why this Netizen described the MMDA Officers “angels in disguise.”

MMDA called angels in disguise

Source: Phoebe Cimafranca-Evangelista

According to the story they shared on Facebook, they were on their way to Malabon for the 5th church to visit (within the Potrero area), when one of the wheels suddenly flew off on the center island. Luckily, no one got hurt and everyone was safe. After knowing everyone was safe, her husband immediately picked up the wheel and bolts on the road. as narrated by the Netizen.

Since they didn’t have an early warning device, she came out and directed the incoming vehicles to go the other way, so her husband won’t get hit.

Then, the MMDA came by to ask how they were doing and helped them fix their car. When the MMDA knew he needed additional help, his fellow came over to help fix the car.

MMDA Helped Visita Iglesia

Here’s the full story:

We were doing our Visita Iglesia this morning. On our way to Malabon for the 5th church to visit, within the Potrero area, when one of the wheels suddenly flew off on the center island. Luckily nobody got hit from it and we were all fine inside the Jeep. My husband picked up the wheel and the bolts from the road. Since we did not have an early warning device, I directed the incoming vehicles to the middle of the road so my husand will not get hit by any vehicle. Then came MMDA Constable Jose FO (saw the name from his uniform). he came to ask what happened.

MMDA Jose Fo Helped Malabon

He was glad nobody got hurt from the accident. He said that when he saw me he knew we were in need of help. them came 4 others namely Beran, Rodriquez, Arana and Calub.

MMDA Helped Visita Iglesia

All 5 of them gladly assisted my husband in trying to put back the wheel. afterwhich, I handed Jose something for them to buy kahit water lang because it was scorchingly hot. He refused to accept it and said that it was their duty to assist us. a salute to all of them especially to MMDA Constable Jose FO. You were all our angels in disguise. Then I remembered that at the Natl. Shrine of the Divine Mercy, I stopped by St. Michael the Arcangel. Truly he sent his angels to be with us at that moment. Salamat po. God is the greatest.

Kudos to you, MMDA Officers!  Certainly, there are still a few good men and women out there.

Truly, money cannot buy the most fulfilling feeling in the world: to help someone in need.

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