Netizen Asks: Help Locate The Foreigner Who Lost His Camera While Visiting The Philippines

Have you experienced losing your travel photos? Let alone, when you inadvertently misplaced your camera with all of your mementos in it? Whatever the case may be, the feeling of losing mementos is dreadful. Honestly, I felt like someone died when my camera was stolen whilst traveling.

Sadly, the same thing happened to a foreigner who might have lost or misplaced his camera whilst traveling. A concerned Netizen found it and is now asking for everyone’s help to locate the owner.

Foreigner lost camera

Source: Cynthia Agad Facebook account

Based on the comments on her Facebook post, she found the camera (location not stated) and she feels bad for the foreigner as the photos were picturesque sceneries of the places he’s been to. If I will only base it on Cynthia’s Facebook profile, it looked like the foreigner visited Bohol. (Again, I am not sure, but if you can confirm by looking at the photos, that would be great.)

Foreigner lost camera

To our travel buddies, would you know where these photos were taken?

Both photos were posted by Cynthia with the following caption:

Kindly comment if you know this man. I need to return something to him.. Thank you…

Social Media Power

Undoubtedly, social media is extremely powerful, especially in times like this. We’ve already helped a lot of people find their loved ones, recover their valuable items like a car, and much more.

Hopefully, we could help this guy recover his mementos by sharing this article.

Have you ever experienced losing your camera? Share your thoughts below.

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