Neil Gaiman Speaks Out About ‘Coraline’ Live-Action Rumors

Live-action remakes are on the rise and, with this, people have begun thinking of ways how their favorite animated series could be turned into live-action adaptations. Recently, reports of a Coraline live-action film has started circulating on the internet among fans and they eventually made their way to Neil Gaiman, the author behind the original book.

Many fans were understandably against it. The original Coraline film is a beautiful piece of animation magic. I’ve even talked about how it should have won an Academy Award when it came out all those years ago.

Gaiman, who’s been busy with TV adaptations of his books Good Omens and American Gods, asked the internet where the “live-action Coraline nonsense” came from.

So there you go. There won’t be a live-action Coraline movie any time soon, or ever. And it’s not like we need it anyway. Model Justin Biticon summed up my (and a lot of other people’s) feelings about a live-action Coraline remake in a single tweet:

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Which films do you want to see recreated in a live-action remake and which ones do you want to be left alone?


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