NC Ramen: Cafe Naci Turns Japanese with this New Ramen Resto

Cafe Naci is certainly one of Greenhills’ busiest restaurants. It’s got a bar-slash-lounge for after-work hangouts that go late into the night, a cozy restaurant offering everyone’s favorite comfort food, and a chill cafe where you can order desserts and coffee a-plenty. And now, Cafe Naci dishes out Japanese offerings with its new restaurant that’s just in the same building, NC Ramen!


Cafe Naci used to have a branch in The Fort in Taguig, but they’ve moved and reopened in Fox Square Building along Connecticut St. in Greenhills. The restaurant’s menu actually has two parts: one for Cafe Naci, and at the back part of it is for NC Ramen. You get all of their offerings from two different restaurants under just one roof.

Cafe_Naci_13Black Grape Shake | Php 150

What a refreshing and tasty way to start our meal. Not to sound like a commercial, but this is one tall glass of real grape flavor without too much saccharine flavorings. The black grape shake is one of Cafe Naci’s house favorites!

Cafe_Naci_29NC Hakata Ramen | Php 285: Tonkatsu-based broth soup with pork chashu toppings

Even if NC Ramen is a fairly new venture of Cafe Naci, the NC Hakata Ramen is quickly becoming a favorite among night owls who want warm soup on a late night and afternoon strollers looking for a hearty bowl of noodles.

The NC Hakata Ramen soup was perfectly rich. The noodles tasted great and they were quite firm. The soft boiled egg was perfectly cooked, the way it should be for all-around good tasting ramen. Lastly, the pork was tender and lent much flavor to an already delicious soup.

Cafe_Naci_27Sashimi Platter | Php 395: Four varieties of fresh sashimi: tuna, white tuna, mackerel, salmon

This raw Japanese favorite is certainly not for everyone, but for sashimi lovers, NC Ramen’s Sashimi Platter is a really great treat! The sashimi varieties were very fresh and clean-tasting. The dish was served on a bed of crushed ice keeping the sashimi cool and fresh for longer. Also, look at that neat and vibrant presentation.


Cafe Naci Best-Sellers and All-Time Favorites


Cafe_Naci_32Cuchifrito Rice Bowl | Php 320: Double fried-broiled pork belly topped over tinapa rice served with red egg salsa

The pork was crispy and well-seasoned. It was a really good complement to the tinapa rice. One need not feel guilty about chowing down the pork belly. This dish has healthy tones with fish and a flavorful red egg salsa.

Cafe_Naci_36Smoked Salmon Pizza | Php 275: Crispy thin crust, smoked salmon, caramelized onions, tomato sauce, mozzarella, capers, and honey dill dressing

The flavors of the smoked salmon pizza blended harmoniously. The honey mustard wasn’t too sweet nor overpowering. The thin crust was crispy with the perfect crunch. And the star of this pizza dish, the smoked salmon, was tender and delicious.

Cafe_Naci_37Shrimp Jambalaya Rice | Php 440: Slow cooked baked rice flavored with curry, coconut cream, and shrimps mixed with fried eggplant, tomatoes, and raisins served in a paellera

The shrimp jambalaya rice has a really great texture and tasted similar to well-cooked risotto. It’s a sticky, juicy, salty-sweet fiesta in your mouth with flavors that complement each other well. The plump shrimps were also such a joy to munch on.


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