Naci Comfort Food: A Fusion of All Things Good

When In Manila and feeling down and out, we all turn to our favorite comfort food. I bet most people’s favorite comfort food include cake and ice cream! So what do you think of a restaurant that serves a wide range of delicious comfort food from meat to pasta, Filipino to Italian and more! If it’s food that will drown your sorrows away, then Naci is the place to go!

With the many restaurants popping up here and there, it’s a must to find restaurants that bring a unique flavor to people. Naci does just that. It’s a fusion of all sorts at Naci! From the types of food, to the specific kinds of food!


Naci Comfort Food: Ambiance

Naci Comfort Food began with its owner’s insatiable love for food. They first opened shop back in 2011 in the Greenhills area but then decided to move to the Fort due to popular demand. Everything inside Naci was either designed/ created by its owners or their friends. The wall decors were actually the first thing I noticed upon entering. Even without eating, the restaurant’s overall feel already makes me feel relaxed and comfortable.


Knowing that the colors orange and yellow increase appetite, most restaurants overdo it and fill the entire place with the color. Naci Comfort Food is one of the few restaurants who played their cards right! I especially like the colors seeping in through the wall.

Naci Comfort Food12The entire look of the place is so relaxing


Naci Comfort Food 8Don’t you just love the bright hues of the tables and chairs?


Naci Comfort Food BGC4The cool displays all around Naci Comfort Food make this place feel like home


Naci Comfort Food 10Even their comfort room looks relaxing! (Female on the left and male on the right)


Naci Comfort Food restaurant started with an insatiable love for good food, which slowly grew into ideas, images and, dreams. The idea was to stimulate the senses—to create dishes that are flavorful, aromatic, warm, cozy and of course, a sight to behold. Dishes reminiscent of home cooked meals that bring back those fond childhood memories but with an added twist. With the expertise of top-notch culinary consultant Master Chef Ed Quimson, NACI brings comfort food that’s simple (as it should be) while still robust and full of flavor. “


Naci Comfort Food: The Menu

Before I proceed to the food, let’s talk about the menu. Naci Comfort Food’s menu changes from time to time. They continue adding different dishes that they feel will appeal to the general public. Hence, instead of coming up with a new menu every week, Naci Comfort Food makes use of the tablet. As soon as the customer is seated, they are given a menu and a tablet. The menu contains most of their entrees but for a complete list, customers are recommended to check the tablet.


Naci Comfort Food BGCI love this idea! It makes ordering so much more easier with all the pictures


Naci Comfort Food: Drinks

Before anything else, let me tell you guys about Naci Comfort Food’s drinks. We tried different drinks that night, and each one was good enough to be the dessert. The Black Grape Shake (P165) was common, but I still loved it because of its sweet flavor. The grapes used were also fresh. There are some restaurants that offer shakes that taste mostly like water, especially after only a few minutes. Naci’s Black Grape Shake however tasted fine all the way ’till it was empty!

The Strawberry Kiss (P235) on the other hand was really delightful. I think I just found my favorite strawberry shake! Naci Comfort Food uses fresh strawberries, vanilla ice cream and white chocolate to make this drink simply irresistible.

Lastly, Heaven on Earth (P210) tasted like chocolate heaven! Naci Comfort Food uses melted dark chocolate, vanilla ice cream and chocolate ganache for this sweet drink. If you love chocolate, then you’ll definitely fall in love with this.

Naci Comfort Food BGC3


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Naci Comfort Food: A Fusion of All Things Good