Cafe Naci: Comfort Food and Good Vibes All the Way!

Cafe Naci: Comfort Food and Good Vibes All the Way!


Looking for a pick-me-up after a tiring day at work? Want to just enjoy some quality time with your loved ones? Then try Cafe Naci in Greenhills and let them make your moments and memories even better through their marvelous comfort food.


Cafe Naci Greenhills Comfort Food


Cafe Naci is back where they started – in Greenhills along Connecticut St., 2nd Floor of Fox Square Building. They opened in Greenhills back in 2011 but then moved to The Fort in Taguig. Now, they’re back home and adapting a simpler and more intimate design where people can enjoy their very special menu full of comfort food that isn’t just scrumptious and pleasing to look at, but also gives off a feeling off security and nostalgia with every bite.

Cafe Naci opened last Father’s Day, June 15, 2014, and are still on their soft opening. Cafe Naci currently has a strong and dependable look with its sleek and well detailed interiors with dark wooden tables and chairs, but expect even more improvements from them as time goes by.


Cafe Naci Greenhills 9


The food comprising the menu at Cafe Naci include dishes that they call “Comfort Food”. Comfort Food refers to dishes that gives off a positive effect or what we call “Good Vibes” when consumed. They can be your Lola’s Paksiw or your Nanay’s Tinola, but either way, it will bring back sentimental and nostalgic memories that will make you feel safe.

Cafe Naci excels in their comfort food. Their dishes do not just satisfy hunger, either; they will also pull you away from the stressful life in the city. They contain all time Pinoy favorites, some of which have an added little twist to them and others of which are completely brand new and exciting. Here are some of their lavish menu choices:


Cafe Naci’s Comfort Food: Appetizers


Cafe Naci Connecticut GreenhillsBeef Taco Spring Roll


“Our Signature no-mess tacos!” Let’s kick things off with the marriage of a Spring Roll and a Taco. This union is greeted with open arms as the mouthwatering beef of a taco with mixed cheese is turned into a spring roll and then served with salsa with a side of sour cream to make all of your taste buds jump for joy. This is one of my favorites and it makes every bite feel like a Fiesta during Chinese New Year.


Cafe Naci Greenhills 6

Smoked Salmon Salad


A gathering of sweet cherry tomatoes and parmesan shavings with mixed greens drizzled in honey lemon dressing and smoked salmon. It’s an aquatic garden party that tickles the palate. This dish with its perfect balance of sweet and sour, and the salmon being an incredible salmon, will make you feel light and refreshed.


Cafe Naci Greenhills 8Spicy Shrimp Pasta


This Undersea Italian concoction of plump shrimps bathed in garlic and paprika with spaghetti tossed in red wine and pesto sauce has a subtle spicy taste that pulls the entire mixture of flavors into harmony. This took me back to a time when everything was unexpected. Yes, this beautiful dish surprised me in a big way.


Cafe Naci’s Comfort Food: Main Entrees


Cafe Naci Greenhills 12Salisbury Steak and Egg


This is served on a wide plate with a mound of spectacular parsley rice. On top of it is a stack of beefy juicy grilled patties topped with an egg and crispy onion rings and then surrounded with a moat of chunky mushroom gravy. This gave off a feeling of being king of the hill. All of the ingredients collaborate perfectly in this truly magnificent dish.


Cafe Naci Greenhills 11Slow Roast Pork Belly


Pork belly slowly roasted until the meat is soft and glistening with its barbecue glaze topped over java rice and buttered vegetables. This got me feeling like a kid again because my mom used to make something similar to this. The glaze and pork has perfect synergy and the rice turned it into a completely exquisite dish.


Cafe Naci’s Comfort Food: Desserts


Cafe Naci Greenhills Sony 3Bread Pudding Flan


This little piece of paradise is made with bread slices tossed in milk, eggs, cream and vanilla all served with vanilla ice cream on the side. This dessert is one of a kind. Its taste slowly and intimately pulls you in – first with the soft texture and then melting as the sweet flavors spread onto your tongue and completely make you lose yourself in pure bliss.


Cafe Naci Greenhills Sony 4Mango Panna Cotta


This cute dessert is made up of several sweet ripe mangoes topped over a rich Italian cooked cream. Soft and smooth, it’s like placing a cloud in your mouth that bursts in an explosion of mangoes and sweet cream!


Cafe Naci’s Comfort Food: Signature Smoothies and Shakes


Cafe Naci Greenhills Drinks


Nothing beats having a cold glass of refreshing drinks after a great meal! Here are some of our favourites. Let’s start with the top middle one and work our way clockwise.

Pistachio Sansrival – A cake smoothie sansrival with a lot of pistachios – the perfect recipe for happiness in a glass!

Want a kickstarter? Try their Mocha Java Chip, a delightful drink made of blended espresso with dark chocolate, vanilla ice cream more chocolate then topped with whipped cream and drizzled with caramel. It’s a carnival of flavors with caffeine as the ringleader.

Next up is their Mango Yakult Yogurt – Yes, you read that right! This trio is a perfect mixture of sweet, sour and fruity flavors all merged into one awesome drink!

We also had their Black Grape Shake, a beautiful shake that’s not only fruity, but also exceptionally tasty. The sweetness is just right and doesn’t overpower the grape fruity taste.

For the crowd favorite and coup de grace of smoothies, make way for Heaven on Earth. This drink is made from melted dark chocolate with chocolate ganache and vanilla ice cream all blended together for the utmost indulgence. It’s like angels brought forth a piece of heaven in the form of a smoothie!

Cafe Naci not only brought their original menu with them, but added a few new unique ones onto the roster, as well. Naci’s new All-Day Breakfast Menu brings you the joy of breakfast that you can enjoy the whole day. Here are some of the dishes from their All-Day Breakfast Menu:


Cafe Naci Greenhills Sony



This wonderful Eggs Benedict with Hash Brown and Ham spells divine! The eggs were perfectly made and complemented the ham and bread making a wonderful combination. The hash brown was perfectly cooked to a crisp golden brown on the outside, while staying soft and chewy on the inside.


Cafe Naci Greenhills 10


The Bacon Liempo is a great creation by Cafe Naci. By providing the rich taste and flavor of liempo and cooking it to the crispiness and juiciness similar to bacon, they made a dish that is sure to become an instant favorite for anyone who tries it!

Everyone has a certain comfort food that immediately perks them up. From our parent’s cooking to the best dish you have tasted so far, food can preserve your fondest memories and sway your emotions. Cafe Naci serves the best food to brighten up even your gloomiest of days. What are you waiting for? Check out Cafe Naci and experience the comfort food and good vibes that come from eating great food that makes you feel good!

After having a great meal, why don’t you head on out to Greenhills Elan Hotel Modern and pamper yourself to make your day come full circle with comfort and relaxation, as well?



Cafe Naci


2/Flr Fox Square Building, 53 Connecticut St., Greenhills, San Juan City




Cafe Naci: Comfort Food and Good Vibes All the Way!