Nano’s Kusina: Traditional and Flavorful Filipino Food the Whole Family Will Love

What’s your favorite Filipino dish? There’s something about Filipino food that’s nostalgic and brings back happy memories, which is why many people consider Filipino food to be their ultimate comfort food. If you’re looking for real traditional Filipino food, then Nano’s Kusina is an absolute must-try!

kare kare Nanos Kusina

Photo from Nano’s Kusina

Mariano San Diego, also known as Nano during his younger years, is the man behind the dishes of Nano‘s Kusina. His innate know-how in cooking is enjoyed mostly by family and friends who have asked him countless times to put up a restaurant and who genuinely believed that people outside the circle will also love his food – and they weren’t wrong. My entire family fell in love with his dishes and I’m sure you will, too!

canton Nanos Kusina

Photo from Nano’s Kusina

There is a great blessing to be found in boredom during a pandemic. The whole family was encouraged to kickstart this business; and it’s great that they did because their dishes are superb! Nano’s current menu consists of some of the bestsellers among his immediate family, including kare kare, crispy pata, kaldereta, pancit canton, lumpia, and leche flan.

flan Nanos Kusina

Photo from Nano’s Kusina

Nano’s Kusina’s journey isn’t stopping there, either. They have plans to add more items to their menu and maybe even a restaurant one day. Make sure to try their food as soon as now!

Nano’s Kusina


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