Nadine Lustre Invites Everyone to ”Invest in Our Planet”

Nadine Lustre took to Instagram to share her thoughts on Earth Day, urging her followers to celebrate and care for the planet, not only today but on the daily.

In her latest Instagram post, Nadine compiled various photos and videos of her admiring the beauty of nature and wrote, “Today we celebrate Earth but If you ask me, I think we should be celebrating her every day. Earth is AMAZING and she deserves all our love and respect.”

The actress invited everyone to “Invest in Our Planet” by making mindful choices every day, emphasizing that each of everyone’s choices adds up to a greater impact on the betterment of the Earth. “We can all contribute in our own humble ways. No act of love is too small for our planet,” she said, encouraging her followers to take positive actions toward preserving the environment.


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Her inspiring Earth Day post has garnered positive reactions from her fans and followers, praising her for using her platform to raise awareness on such important issues. “Love you, President Nadine! As a student studying environmental science, this gives me hope to continue loving and saving our earth,” one user commented with #EarthDayEveryday. Another follower typed in, “You’re an example of beauty with a good heart.”

With her advocacy for sustainable living, Nadine has been actively promoting environmental causes on social media, encouraging her fans to join her in taking action toward a greener future. One of her recent posts is about saving the Masungi Georeserve, a conservation area in the Philippines, from threats from human activities (such as illegal logging, quarrying, and land conversion) to preserve its plant and animal species.

As the world faces various environmental challenges, including climate change and biodiversity loss, Nadine Lustre’s call to action serves as a reminder that every individual can indeed make a difference.

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