MyRockSaltPH’s Ultra Flavorful Taco Bakes are a Must-Try

Ever since bakes became a trend during quarantine, we’ve seen all sorts of bakes appear from tteokbokki to shawarma. One bake that I hadn’t seen before discovering MyRockSaltPH was a taco bake! Although I had tried a soft taco one before (which was also delicious, FYI!), I hadn’t tried one with hard taco shells… and the best part is that MyRockSaltPH even has a vegetarian version for those who can’t (or don’t want to) eat meat! Plus, they come in convenient tin cans, which makes it easier to store leftovers (if you have any, that is).

MyRockSaltPH Taco Bake 4

Photo from MyRockSaltPH

MyRockSaltPH was formed by Meghan Sevilla, a senior at UP Diliman. “It was formed by the inspiration of salt, being one of the main ingredients in cooking,” she explains. “It is amazing how a tiny grain of salt can really make a difference in a dish.” Of course, it was also inspired by the many bakes that have been popping up left and right. She made hers different, though, by incorporating one of her childhood taco recipes and giving it a modern twist.

MyRockSaltPH Taco Bake 5

Photo from MyRockSaltPH

Look. At. That. Cheese.

Meghan also points out that she wants her customers to enjoy a dish or a meal in a mixed platter. “I feel people nowadays are more budget conscious or maybe they prefer to enjoy their meals like a one-stop-shop dining experience,” she shares. As ironic as it sounds, it is thanks to the pandemic that Meghan has been able to do the things that she usually doesn’t have time to accomplish. “My passion for food pushed me to create MyRockSaltPH,” she declares.

MyRockSaltPH Taco Bake 6

Photo from MyRockSaltPH

Here’s a simple guide on how to enjoy MyRockSaltPH’s Taco Wacko Bake:

Step 1: Upon receiving the box, take a photo and send it to MyRockSaltPH to show them that you received it in good condition.

Step 2: Open the tin can, and reheat and bake it at 375F (190C) until bubbly hot for at least 10 minutes. You may use an oven or a toaster, but do not microwave the tin can!

Step 3: Choose which holder you would like to enjoy with it: taco shell, nori, or some nachos.

Step 4: You may place a piece of lettuce inside the taco shell/nori/nachos before adding a spoonful of the Taco Wacko.

Step 4: Wear a big smile and give your best bite before it falls off of your fingers. Enjoy!

MyRockSaltPH Taco Bake 3

Photo from MyRockSaltPH

As mentioned earlier, one thing I love about MyRockSaltPH is that they take people with special diets into consideration. That’s why they created their Verduras, their vegetarian version of tacos. I actually like the Verduras better because I absolutely love vegetables and cheese. Either way, though, each scoop of their bakes is incredibly flavorful and you’ll love every bite of it!

Meghan shares that she plans to create as many versions of baked-ish tin cans, which has become her current favorite. We can’t wait to see what else they have in store for the future! Watch out for more collaborations of food cultures in their future menus!

All photos from MyRockSaltPH


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