9 Irresistible Bakes You Absolutely HAVE to Try

Sushi bake has become a much sought-after trend lately. However, if you’re tired of the usual kani and salmon bakes out there or simply aren’t a fan of Japanese food; here are 9 other irresistible bakes you absolutely have to try at least once. (I guarantee you will not regret it!)

9 Irresistible Bakes You Absolutely HAVE to Try

The TTEOKBOKKI Cheese Bake

Curated Kitchen MNL (@curatedkitchenmnl)

Curated Kitchen MNL Tteokbooki Cheese Bake

Photo from Curated Kitchen MNL

If you love Korean rice cakes and fish cakes, don’t miss out on Curated Kitchen MNL’s Tteokbokki Cheese Bake! Our favorite tteokbokki is topped with cheesy goodness here to satisfy your craving for deliciously spicy Korean food. Curated Kitchen MNL also has some delicious “Garlic Cheese Bombs” that you need to try STAT. Read more about them here.¬†


Chep’s Kitchen (@cheps_kitchen)


Cheps Kitchen baked sisig

Photo from Chep’s Kitchen

After releasing their Baked Salmon Kani, Chef April was already looking into more flavors. She wanted something original and with a Pinoy twist. Since their family loves samgupsal, they tried it with sesame leaves and lettuce. Some of the family members loved it with nori, some with lettuce, and some with sesame leaves. Since they couldn’t agree on just one, they decided to release all three so you can just pick what you want. ūüôā Chep’s Kitchen believes that they are the original and the first to release the Baked Sisig Roll, so make sure you try it!


Daruman Ten (@darumanten)


Daruman Ten Chicken Teriyaki Bake

Photo from Daruman Ten

Fred Ferraz learned to cook from his mom when he was a child. He started Daruman Ten three years ago after thinking of offering authentic yet affordable Japanese food. They decided to create the flavors of their bakes based on the food that Fred loves to eat, including Salmon Kani, Kimchi, and Chicken Teriyaki. If you’re looking for authentic, flavorful, and affordable food that is well worth the price; you will love what Daruman Ten has to offer because they do not scrimp on their ingredients in any way.


Kimchi Kitchen PH (@kimchikitchenph)


Kimchi Kitchen Pork Samgyupsal Bake

Photo from Kimchi Kitchen

This is probably my favorite story to date: Kimchi Kitchen was conceptualized because of all of the K-dramas that they had been watching during the ECQ! :p Prior to the lockdown, they were already thinking of starting a food business because their mom is passionate about cooking good food. Everything eventually fell into place; and now, you can enjoy their delicious Pork Samgyupsal Bake along with other Korean favorites!

The NACHO Bake

Cecilia’s Gourmet (@cecilias_gourmetmnl)


Cecilias Gourmet Nacho Bake 1

If you love snacking on nachos, you are going to love the very generous serving of cheese and spices in Cecilia Gourmet’s Nacho Bake. It has seven whole layers of cheesy, meaty goodness that you can eat like a taco sans the mess. Read more about it here.


Aburi Maki (@aburimaki)



Out of boredom, chef and interior stylist CJ Lim decided to create his own version of bakes after reminiscing about the time he lived in California. Although he started with the classic baked California maki, he has recently released a new variant: the Queso Spam ‘n’ Kimchi Bake, which was born out of his love for Japan and Korea. “I wanted to serve the best of flavors from both worlds,” he explains. This take on the classic Spam musubi with a kimchi kick and hints of creamy Japanese barbecue sauce layered with chunks of Spam, black ebiko caviar, and more cheese is DELICIOUS. More variants will be coming out soon, too!


Sushi Baker MNL (@sushibakermnl)

Sushi Baker MNL Shawarma Bake

Photo by JP Francisco

Prior to ECQ, the family behind Sushi Baker MNL loved to visit new restaurants and try different types of cuisine. To satisfy their cravings during ECQ, though, they had to get creative. Since sushi bakes were gaining popularity, they started selling it. Although they started with their favorite California maki, they now have a Cheesy Baked Shawarma Rice that is so good, you’ll finish the tray in no time. It tastes authentic and you can really tell that they use premium herbs and spices in it. Their decision to use ribeye steak makes the bake even more flavorful and tender. Pair it with their homemade garlic sauce (which is made fresh everyday); and with the basmati rice and grated cheese, you’ve got an indulgent dish that is sure to satisfy your tastebuds. This one is a definite must-try!


Baked Taco PH (@bakedtacoph)


Baked Taco PH Taco Bake

Photo from Baked Taco PH

Baked Taco PH is a sizzling hot and fresh family food business that was born during these trying times. Ever since the start of the pandemic, they had been looking for something with a balanced feel of healthy ingredients and a savory taste. This gave birth to their baby food business, Baked Taco PH. Their Baked Taco Trays are currently the only things on their menu, and they promise to release new items soon; but trust me: they don’t really need anything else. Their Baked Taco Trays are intensely good! Every bite will make you melt out of happiness with an intertwining mix of beef, beans, cheese, spice, crunch, rich sauces, and vegetables that’ll burst in your mouth. You are seriously missing out on a lot if you haven’t tried this yet!


In case you’re feeling productive and creative, you can also try making this Bangus Sisig Bake at home. Here’s a recipe from our very own foodie, Diane Go of @friedandprejudice:


You may check out the full article on this here.

So… which one of these irresistible bakes will you be trying out first?

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