My Sony Wishlist: Top 3 Sony Gadgets for the Blogger

When In Manila, there are so many things to write about, so many stories to be told. From the different and exotic food the city offers, the beautiful, scenic places we can visit, and the warm, friendly people, Manila is definitely an adventure waiting to happen.
We here at When In Manila love telling and hearing these experiences and I think that it is quite obvious that our favourite way of retelling these escapades would be blogging. 
Though it may seem easy, blogging takes a lot of work. But, I believe that anyone who decides to put their mind to it can! All you need is a little curiosity and a good sense of adventure. It doesn’t hurt to get help from great gadgets, either.
Here are my top 3 Sony picks for the bloggers and the bloggers to be: 




1. Xperia S 


Whether they are sharing thoughts through tweets, or cataloguing their present adventure through Instagram, bloggers are always mobile and connected. The Xperia S is just the right gadget to keep you linked to the internet and more importantly, your readers. With 32 gig internal memory, an HD reality display powered by Bravia, and HD  capable video recording, the Xperia packs a mean punch. If that doesn’t convince you, it’s sleek, seamless, and elegant design should!


2. NEX Camera


I love my DSLR but lugging one around to events can be so impractical! And because I will not settle for shoddy photos, I am left with no choice– until I found out about Sony’s NEX Camera line. Smaller and more compact but allegedly as powerful as DSLR’s, these new hybrids have interchangeable lenses, too. HD video, photo effects, and even touch screen capabilities, what more can you ask for?

 3. VAIO Duo 11


And speaking of hybrids, the new Sony VAIO Duo is a cross between a tablet and a laptop. Perfect to bring around and do more serious blogger work on. With touch screen capabilities and a keyboard that flips out, the VAIO Duo is designed for optimum results in a compact and versatile package. This mean machine runs on an Intel® Core™ i5-3317U Processor 1.70 GHz with Turbo Boost up to 2.60 GHz (depending on the model). Not bad for something that’s only 18 mm thick and 1.305 kgs heavy.
When In Manila, these gadgets would be perfect for use in the blogger world. What’s in your Sony gadget wish list?

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