My Medals Are For You, Tatay: Emotional Letter Of Valedictorian Son to “Kargador” Dad

An open letter of a Valedictorian Son thanking his father who is a “kargador” (longshoreman or porter who delivers goods to the wet market) and says that the person who should be wearing his medals are his father for his hard work.



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Rough translation: This is my dad. He is a porter in the wet market. He is a great father and a good friend. 

He cried when that photo was taken. It’s because I handed to him what he worked hard for. The medals he should rightfully wear because that is what I worked hard for to say thank you to him. 

During my graduation, he was ill but he did not let it interfere with him attending. Because he was so happy when he found out that his son was a valedictorian. He always brags to everyone my name. I could easily say, he is my number 1 fan. 

But, he is now gone.

August 22, 2013, he had left us already. Everything that he worked hard for he left to us, his children. Thats why I said he deserved to be loved. Until now, he deserves our overflowing love. 

Eventhough he is not with is anymore, his face will never be forgotten. The moment when he was so proud of me. And in that moment he said to my mother “Mom should always take care of you, whatever happens, you HAVE TO finish your studies.”

It’s really said because he did not see that now, little by little, I am achieving his dreams for me.  

One year, two years, how every long it may be. His name and his smile will always be on our mind. And his love and care will always be in our hearts. 

I really really miss you, dad. Your youngest son misses you. I love you, dad. 

Thank you.


We salute you, sir. We salute all our fathers who have worked hard and selflessly for us and we will repay you with our love, care and build our dreams with it.