My First Colon Cleansing Experience at Centro Holistico QC

Let me take a few guesses why you decided to read this article of mine about my first colon cleansing experience: either you’ve been curious to try it out for yourself sometime soon, or you just want to know if it’s really as bad as you think.

I went into my first colon cleanse session knowing nothing. I had no preconceived notion what it would feel like, how it’s going to go, and what I’m expected to do afterward. What I did know was that I frequently had digestive issues wherein I would suddenly get a bad stomach and suffer loose bowel movement. In fact, prior to my session, I had been feeling stomach cramps for the past couple of days. So there was no better time than right then to actually go and see if colon cleansing is as effective as it’s made out to be.

I went to Centro Holistico’s Quezon City branch for my wellness treatment. My first impression of this new branch, which opened right before the pandemic in January 2020, is that it’s cozy, quiet, and clean.

I was given a form to fill up that asked me about my health history and what I’m currently feeling (physically and mentally). I was then brought inside a room to consult with a doctor, who really made me feel comfortable telling all my ailments to. She also administered a live-blood analysis where she pricked my finger and showed me what my blood looked like under a microscope.

She confirmed then that I was anemic and that I lacked the proper amount of nutrients. From there, she gave me a medical prescription for iron supplements and digestive enzymes I needed to start taking, and then recommended the wellness treatments I would undergo at Centro Holistico QC.

The first treatment was the colon cleanse. A colon cleanse (or colonic) is a procedure where water is infused into the colon to flush out the bad toxins. At Centro Holistico, however, they use a coffee enema which is said to help detoxify the body, regenerate the liver, and reactivate the immune system.

The treatment room was pretty straightforward: there’s a bed pushed towards a toilet bowl, and a pail of coffee sat on top of a shelf with a tube attached to it. After changing into a hospital robe, I was instructed to lie down with my knees up as though I’m giving birth. Jaja, the one who assisted me throughout my colonic, then inserted the instrument in my bum and immediately began my cleansing.

I’ll save you all the details but what I can honestly say is that nothing can ever prepare you for the experience. The pain was akin to menstrual cramps, made a little bearable by Jaja massaging my stomach all throughout. Surprisingly, the entire treatment only lasted in under 10 minutes and as soon as it was over, the pain subsided. For lack of a better term, I felt so “cleansed.”

Once I washed up and got dressed, I was given a heating pad and a cup of warm ginger tea and was left alone to relax on the comfy couch.

After that, I had an acupuncture meant to help treat my anemia. (Note that the practitioner will modify which points they’ll insert the needles on your body depending on the illness/es that you have.) Then, to end my day of wellness at Centro Holistico QC, I had an IV Nutrient Drip to reward my body with its much-needed vitamins.

The Aftermath

Though I did not experience any pain or discomfort after my treatments, I started feeling lightheaded upon arriving home. As I learned, this is a common side effect to colon cleansing, as is the need to go to the bathroom several times over the next few hours. I just had to keep hydrating throughout the night to make up for all the fluids I’ve been losing.

I also ended up having a mild headache the following day, possibly because of the frequent bathroom runs, but it went away eventually.

In conclusion, colon cleansing isn’t as bad as you might think. It was pretty painless and the after effects were not as terrible as I feared. But the decision to do so will ultimately rest on you, as you consider both the benefits and the risks. I’m just grateful for Centro Holistico QC for taking great care of me and ensuring my first-time experience was smooth-sailing.

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Centro Holistico

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