My Facial Skin was Extremely Dry and Damaged. Here’s What Brought it Back to Life

As a frequent traveler and adventure junkie, my skin is constantly exposed to harsh conditions and the sun. I’ve had my fair share of sunburns, windburns, and exposure to glorious dust and dirt. And with a lack of a proper skin and facial care and regimen (I’ve never really bothered), all this gallivanting has led to poor skin health. I didn’t think of the damages when I was younger. But now that I’m in my mid-twenties, the consequences of my recklessness are starting to show. I’m surely taking notice now.

I was recently in Banaue, Ifugao, and the low temperature certainly did not do well for my already dry skin. It was cracking and peeling. Applying my usual BB cream did absolutely no help; instead, it only made the cracks more visible. My skin stayed that way for many days even when I was already back in Manila, so I knew I had to do something about it.

So what did I do?

The first step, consult with a dermatologist

One Skin Clinic SkinPeel Facial

I booked a visit to One Skin Clinic in Alabang, Muntinlupa (South kid, yo!) and met up with one of their doctors. One Skin Clinic’s team of dermatologists are all members of the Philippine Dermatological Society.

During my consultation, the derma and I discussed my skin history, my regimen (or lack thereof), and what I can do to remedy it. She suggested a daily skin care regimen for my face–moisturizer, anti-aging cream (to reduce the chances of wrinkles), sunscreen, and a mild facial cleanser. I learned that the one I was then using was too harsh for my skin.

This regimen is for long-time care and maintenance, of course. But for immediate treatment for my dry facial skin, I was recommended their Signature SilkPeel Facial.

The hydrating facial that saved my skin

After the consultation, I went straight for the recommended SilkPeel Facial, a non-invasive exfoliation procedure that’s quite popular today. This type of facial infuses your skin with a serum that matches what your skin needs. So, for me, they used the Hydration Solution for dry skin.

One Skin Clinic SkinPeel Facial

Here is the process:

The SilkPeel Facial starts with a cleanser, followed by a toner.

One Skin Clinic SkinPeel FacialHi. That’s me.

A cream massage comes after, that was more relaxing than I’ll admit. (The cream is cold and feels absolutely refreshing!)

One Skin Clinic SkinPeel Facial

Next, they’ll cover your eyes and a steaming process begins. This will last a couple of minutes, and your technician will leave the room to give you your much needed ~R and R~

One Skin Clinic SkinPeel FacialDon’t worry, she’ll come back for you.

Now. I love this part. This is the SilkPeel Microderma Brasion. A 2 in 1 machine that gives you your diamond peel and infuses your face with the serum of your choice–hydrating, in my case. Which actually feels good. Facial massage, ftw.

They’ll let it rest for a couple of minutes again, to allow your face to properly absorb the serum.

Then the extraction of blackheads and whiteheads begin. Take note–this will hurt a little. Especially for me, as I have not had a facial in ages and thus there were a lot to be extracted.

One Skin Clinic SkinPeel Facial

And, lastly, a mask will be applied for moisturizing and anti-aging.

What you need to know

One Skin Clinic SkinPeel Facial

All in all, the SilkPeel Facial will take about 45 minutes to an hour. There are four serums to choose from for your SilkPeel Facial:

  • Vitamin C Solution for detoxification
  • Clarifying Formula for acne
  • Hydration Solution for dry skin (the serum used for me)
  • Lumixyl Solution for hyperpigmentation (whitening)

All procedures cost P1,500, except for the Lumixyl Solution for whitening which costs P2,500.

The result

One Skin Clinic SkinPeel Facial#nofilter

Right after the SkinPeel Facial, I could already feel the huge difference. My skin felt clean, light, fresh, and definitely rejuvenated. It has been two weeks now since the procedure and I can still feel the effects. My face is no longer as dry as it was before. Like my skin was brought back to life.

For maintenance though, it is recommended that you have the SkinPeel Facial every month. I’m already planning my second visit.

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