My #EarthHourStory: A Night for Mother Nature at Hive Hotel & Convention Place 

From what started as a lights-out event in Sydney, Australia, the whole world adapted this initiative and started the so-called ‘Earth Hour‘. With climate change accelerating at an alarming rate, the event inspired millions around the world to take part in the movement.

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I have been actively participating in the movement ever since I learned about Earth Hour in High School. I mean if it meant helping the planet rest, even just for an hour, then I was more than happy to turn off our power generator.  Besides, it has always been a great moment to bond with my family as we would sit in the living room playing chess, allowing just the candles to illuminate the room.

This 2018, however, my experience was different. For the first time, I attended an event in tribute to Earth Hour at Hive Hotel & Convention Place and it was definitely a memorable night.

IMG 1864Ms. Annie Convocar, hotel manager, giving the opening speech 

Hive Hotel & Convention Place is a boutique hotel in Quezon City known for being truly eco-friendly. Like its sister company, Cocoon Boutique Hotel, they are committed to helping the environment while still catering to the needs of the guests. With that kind of mission and vision, it’s no surprise that they organized this kind of event.

It is the 6th year of Hive Hotels and Convention Place and Cocoon Boutique Hotel of celebrating Earth Hour, but the program just gets better and better. While waiting for the 8:30 PM mark to start, they have prepared an earth-themed buffet for the guests. Creatively concocted by their two head chefs, Chef Amiel “Atoy” Cortez and Chef Kenneth Portez, the food served were amusingly (and deliciously!) in line with the event. My favorites were the “Sloppy Juan” or the Banana Heart Patty with Jackfruit Chili and the “Flower Pot“, a Barako mousse and chocolate soil with Coconut Blossom and Cacao Nibs. I am not kidding when I say that I really thought that the burger was made out of meat—it was a surprised when the chef told me it’s actually made out of Banana Heart and Jackfruit! 

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IMG 1853Left to Right: Chef Amiel “Atoy” Cortez and Chef Kenneth Portez

The dessert was also artistically done because it literally looks what it’s called—a flower pot. Upon scooping, that’s when you’ll see the mousse. Needless to say, it was the perfect sweet treat after all the mini bites served.  

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Come the Earth Hour proper, organizers of Hive Hotel & Convention Place invited some distinguished speakers to educate the attendees what’s happening with the environment. To name some, we have Gene Angelo Ferrer, the sustainability Management Officer for SM Malls, and Edgardo Tongson, Project Director of World Wide Fund for Nature. All the speakers made use of the time to remind us that we are facing many natural problems and we must do what we can to help preserve Mother Nature. Not only were we participating by turning off the electricity, but we got the chance to listen to some experts discuss their specialty, as well—talk about hitting two birds with one stone! 

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In essence, the whole event not only promoted Earth Hour, but made sure that they made an impact on the attendees to help the Earth any time, any day; a lifestyle that we must adhere to. Participating in this movement at home is alright, but it’s really refreshing to see a lot of people who are as enthusiastic in participating, as well.

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Experiencing a luxurious hotel doesn’t always necessarily equate to a havoc to nature. If you need a wake-up call or a group who shares the same interest as you do about the environment, be sure to follow Hive Hotel & Convention Place and Cocoon Boutique Hotel. They organize more events like this—truly a testament to their branding as a Green Hotel. 


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