Leisure with a Purpose: Hive Hotel and Convention Place (PLUS LIMITED ROOM DISCOUNTS!)

Video by Jan Renolo

If there’s one thing about hotel staycations, it’s always associated with pure relaxation.

Cozy beds, great food, warm service,—these are some of the things hotel enthusiasts look forward to for that perfect rest and recreation. But in Hive Hotel and Convention Place, there’s more to it than just simply unwinding. Here, every stay has a story.

A romantic wedding. A heart-warming debut. A productive business meeting or conference. These are examples of the many events Hive Hotel and Convention Place cater to. The beauty of the interior, space capacity, and value-for-money of its function halls ensure a memorable time for its clients.

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This all-in-one functionality came from the concept of the company’s name—a hive, which is compact, comfortable, and complete.

Bees live in hives and are known to be hard-working; we can equate that to the industrious people checking in at Hive Hotel after a tiring day of work or event; as well as to their dedicated staff who go ensure a memorable event and stay for their guests. To further match the nature-background of Hive, it is also a pioneer green hotel which means all operations it makes are eco-friendly and aims to practice environmental responsibility to the best of their extent—similar to its sister company, Cocoon Boutique Hotel.

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An ideal events place

Business Lounge and Business Center

The hotel lobby isn’t just a place where guests wait for their check-ins/outs; Hive Hotel and Convention Place strategically also made this area for business. In-house guests can enjoy high-speed internet access and soothing lobby music while having a quirky and casual meeting at the Business Lounge.


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The Business Center is located on the same floor; just at the back of the front desk. This section is designed to be a working area for people who prefer to focus on their work in a quiet set-up. The center is complete with comfortable chairs and tables and even has photocopying/printing services if needed—truly the first hotel I’ve heard of with those services!

The function halls

Hive Hotel has four seminar rooms: Aster, Bluebell, Cosmos, and Dandelion. Each room can hold 30+ people and are equipped with soundproof walls, sound system, podium, and furniture. These rooms are best used for large-scale meetings, conventions, workshops, and the likes.

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If the Grand Ballroom is occupied, clients can opt to rent the whole function rooms and combine two up to four function halls that can accommodate over 250 pax. For quotations, contact Hive Hotel and Convention Place directly.

The Grand Ballroom/Function Halls A & B

There are two bigger function halls located on the top-most floor of Hive Hotel and Convention Place: Amber and Bronze. These colors are the perfect color of honey and can be reflected on the color theme of the place, which has a space capacity of 300 persons.

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Amber and Bronze’s interiors are sophisticated and have high-ceilinged walls. The innovative design matches the hotel’s theme, ‘Hip and Modern’, by upcycling reused materials and turning them into works of art. If you are looking for more productions for your event, Hive Hotel and Convention Place also has event coordinators and planners who can help you achieve the party you are hoping for—hardly any need to outsource!

Homey, Aesthetic Rooms

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Price: PHP 6,000.00
Rate applies to: 1-2 pax (max. 4)
Why we love it: The Deluxe room is their smallest unit, but that did not compromise its coziness. From bed to bathroom, guests can sleep soundly at a decent price and enjoy all the hotel’s inclusions.

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Price: PHP 7,000.00
Rate applies to: 1-2 pax (max. 4 with extra person charge) inclusive of modified breakfast buffet.
Why we love it: The setup of this room is similar to the Deluxe room; the main difference is that Deluxe-Garden rooms are located at the 7th floor which has the view of the Sky Garden along their corridor. The room is already relaxing enough, but seeing the beauty of the garden makes it even more serene.

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Super Studio

Price: PHP 7,500.00
Rate applies to: 1-2 pax (max. 4 with extra person charge) inclusive of modified breakfast buffet.
Why we love it: This unit is the only one with bath tubs. And who doesn’t love bath tubs. Bring your favorite scented bath bombs and immerse yourself with comfort and style.

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Cluster Room

Price: PHP 10,600.00
Rate applies to: 2-4 pax (max. 6 with extra person charge) inclusive of modified breakfast buffet.
Why we love it: The cluster room is composed of two connecting rooms (one standard and one deluxe). This is perfect for large groups who wish to have separate rooms (e.g. families; one for the parents, one for the kids).

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Party Suite

Price: PHP 10,600.00
Rate applies to: 1-2 pax (max. 6 with extra person charge) inclusive of modified breakfast buffet.
Why we love it: The Party Suite, as the name suggests, is definitely suitable for slumber parties. This unit is the most spacious room in Hive Hotel, holding up to 6 pax. They have 4 single beds or 2 queen size beds, a bar area, and its own living room with sleeper sofa. It’s like a condominium unit specifically made for barkadas and we are in love with it.

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