My Dream in a Shoebox: This Home-grown Project Helps Underprivileged Kids Go to School

My Dream in a Shoebox has been at the forefront of enabling bigger dreams through education and empowerment. It partners with institutions and organizations that share the same vision of ensuring that all children reach their full potential. It is the home-grown project of integrated marketing communications firm TeamAsia.

This year, MDIAS partnered with Magis Creative Spaces, an organization that champions education through self-expression.

They use art as a tool for healing, peace-building, education, and social transformation.

“We partnered with My Dream in a Shoebox because we were drawn to the cause, and the approach the team had in pursuing it: personal, sincere, and crafted with heart. We also liked that it started with just one shoebox, just one classroom – and grew from there. It shows just how strong a movement for good can be,” said Adi Santos, Magis’ communications manager.

Magis Creative SpacesMagis Creative Spaces made My Dream in a Shoebox gift-giving days fun and exciting
by letting children draw out their emotions and dreams through body movements.

Magis led underprivileged children and workshops on various gift-giving days in 2018 by conducting expressive art activities — using body movements to draw out children’s emotions and dreams. They have committed their support to My Dream in a Shoebox for the whole year.

“Enabling children to pursue bigger dreams mean that we give them the necessary tools they need, and that includes giving them avenues where they can be a child, a dreamer. This is why we partnered with Magis Creative Spaces: to create a more holistic approach on how children can transform their dreams into reality,” TeamAsia’s managing director Bea Lim said.

Now on its 10th year, My Dream in a Shoebox provides underprivileged children across the country with shoeboxes filled with school supplies. This school year, it will send 100 children to school through educational assistance.

My Dream in a Shoebox regularly partners with various organizations to join the movement.

“We always welcome partners who share the same goals and vision as ours. We are not just giving back, we are creating opportunities for the future.” Lim said.

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My Dream in a Shoebox