MWF Balikbayan Results

Manila Wrestling Federation had their fourth show with MWF Balikbayan at the Makati Cinema Square Arena. MWF gave us some pro wrestling action and a huge announcement near the end of the show.

MWF Balikbayan Results Morgan LuchaMorgan vs. Mr. Lucha
MWF Balikbayan Results Morgan Lucha 2About to do something ‘cool’

Mr. Lucha vs. Morgan Vaughn

MWF’s crowd favorite, Mr. Lucha took on the “Glitch” Morgan Vaughn in the opening match. Mr. Lucha used his strength to overpower his smaller opponent from the get-go. Vaughn delivered some cool moves on Mr. Lucha such as a diving kick on the apron and his signature “shotgun dropkick”. Mr. Lucha came back strong with some hard discus clotheslines before he won with an spinning inverted elbow drop.

MWF Balikbayan Results When In Manila Fabio KyleFabio is trapped

MWF Balikbayan Results When In Manila Fabio Kyle 2Fabio pins Kyle

Fabio Makisig vs. Kyle Sison

MWF’s most athletic wrestler gave an open challenge that was answered by a crowd member named Kyle Sison. Fabio took the fight to Kyle with some hard kicks. Kyle surprised Fabio moments later with an impressive triangle choke. Kyle delivered a running knee and a running stomp on Fabio, with both garnering a two-count. Fabio delivered a beautiful running senton before he finished things up with the Primera Klasika Sipa!

After the match, Fabio told everyone to not be contented with where they are and strive for the best. Fabio then told Kyle that he should practice more and maybe one day, they’d fight again. MWF’s Mike Shannon asked Kyle if he wanted to wrestle for MWF, to which Kyle responded with a ‘yes’.

MWF Balikbayan Results When In Manila Moises Prayer RequestAn audience member gives his prayer request to Moises

MWF Balikbayan Results When In Manila Moises Frankie 2nd floorMoises and Frankie fight it out on 2nd floor

Balikbayan Box Match: Frankie Thurteen (w/ Aldrin Richards) vs. Moises Liwanag (w/ Brother Jomar)

Frankie Thurteen arrived with a box of donuts for the crowd. Moises, on the other hand, gathered some prayer requests before this unique match started. The Balikbayan match is a no disqualification match where the weapons/items that can only be used in the match are located inside the balikbayan boxes.

This match had a lot of interesting spots from a 1-on-1 basketball match between Frankie and Moises to a brawl at the second floor of the MCS Arena with Brother Jomar and Aldrin joining in. There was one point of the match where Frankie unearthed a Trian Dela Torre t-shirt that caught him off-guard. Frankie got his revenge after delivering the Angel Bullet on Moises for the win.

MWF Balikbayan Results When In Manila RGRG

MWF Balikbayan Results When In Manila RG gigz asintadoGigz with the asintado

Gigz Stryker vs. RG

Gigz announced to the MWF crowd that he was medically cleared for action and would issue an open challenge. MWF sound/tech crew member RG stepped up to the plate against his idol in this match. RG surprised his wrestling idol with a couple of bodyslams. Gigz fought back with the kalibre 3:16 stunner before taking care of business with the Asintado sharpshooter for the submission victory.

MWF Balikbayan Results When In Manila RG Gigz

After the match, Gigz said he was impressed by RG’s resilience in the ring and that he has his respect.

MWF Balikbayan Results When In Manila Aldrin HanzelloAldrin extends his hand to Shilva

MWF Balikbayan Results When In Manila Aldrin Hanzello finishAldrin is ready to deliver the hurt!

Hanzello Shilva vs. Aldrin Richards

Richards and Shilva displayed some good chain wrestling at the start before Aldrin nearly KO’ed Hanzello with a hard knee strike. Hanzello fought back with some strikes of his own. Aldrin and Hanzello had a hard strike exchange while they were on the apron. Both men go down after Hanzello slammed Aldrin on the apron. Aldrin Richards punched Hanzello Shilva’s Bel-Earth attempt and delivered a shinning wizard kick for a 2 count. Hanzello connected with his Bel-Earth, but Aldrin kicked out!  Aldrin got his first ever MWF win after delivering an electric-chair drop/driver on Hanzello Shilva which he dubbed the “Rose Goddess Slayer”. After the match, the two friends left ringside together to the applause of the MWF crowd.

MWF Balikbayan Results When In Manila HoHoLunHo Ho Lun (Image from

Ho Ho Lun in Manila?!

William Elvin from Hong Kong announced that former WWE wrestler and founder of Hong Kong Pro-Wrestling Federation, Ho Ho Lun, will be at MWF’s next event on December. There is no telling what kind of impact the former WWE Cruiserweight Classic competitor will have on the MWF and the local pro wrestling scene. One thing is for sure, it will be big!

MWF Balikbayan Results When In Manila Sane Lawin…ha…me…

MWF Balikbayan Results When In Manila Sane Lawin 2Lawin grounds Sane with his leg lock

Robin Sane vs. Rex Lawin

Robin Sane rolled around to avoid Lawin’s strikes at the start of the match. Rex Lawin caught a flying Sane and took him to the outside with a fallaway slam. There was a brief brawl outside the ring before both men returned to the ring. Lawin grounded Sane with a leg lock. Sane fought back with his high octane offense and sent Lawin down. He scaled up the ropes for the 450 splash but Gus Queens was there yet again for the distraction. Sane tried to do another 450 splash on the other side of the ring while the referee and Gus were in a heated argument. However, Fabio Makisig showed up to send Sane down. Fabio took Sane down the mat with his Primera Klasika Sipa. Lawin capitalized on Fabios interference with a gutwrench powerbomb on Robin Sane for the pinfall victory.

MWF Balikbayan Results When In Manila Sane Lawin 3Fabio interferes!

MWF Balikbayan Results When In Manila Sane Lawin 4Sane and Gigz

Fabio, Lawin, and Gus triple teamed on Robin Sane after the match before Gigz Stryker rushed in to save the day. Gigz delivered the Asintado on Fabio while Sane scaled up the top ropes to connect with the 450 on Rex Lawin. MWF Balikbayan ended with Gigz and Sane standing tall in the ring.

MWF Balikbayan was a nice escape from one very traffic induced weekend due to the ASEAN week. We would like to thank everyone from the MWF for inviting us to watch this spectacle.

WIM Photos by: Jonathan Guillermo and Martin Vicencio

Quick Results

Mr. Lucha d. Morgan Vaughn

Fabio Makisig d. Kyle Sison

Balikbayan Box Match: Frankie Thurteen  d. Moises Liwanag

Gigz Stryker d. RG

Aldrin Richards d. Hanzello Shilva

Rex Lawin d. Robin Sane