Here are the Must-Tries at Shake Shack Manila

One of the most loved burger chains from New York has finally landed on our shores! No need to leave the country to get your hands on the sumptuous Shack Burger because yes, they have brought their signature menu here for us Filipinos to enjoy. Aside from our favorite Shack dishes, they have also added some Manila-exclusives on their menu, which are unique to Shake Shack Philippines.

Stepping inside the Shack located in Central Square BGC, I felt like I was transported to a Shake Shack in another country. With a hint of Pinoy accents, Shake Shack Manila is homey, vibrant and spacious, and has a wide space to cater to all of their customers. Multiple counters are available to accommodate customers who are sure to line up for their burgers.

Aside from the cozy interiors of the Shack, here are some of the things you need to try at Shake Shack Manila:

They have a menu for your furbabies.

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As a dog parent, I am glad to know that they have a menu for our furbabies! They’ll be offering Poochini, ShackBurger dog biscuits, peanut butter sauce, and vanilla custard; and Bag-O- Bones – 5 ShackBurger dog biscuits by Whole Pet Kitchen. I am now so excited to bring my dog Sandy to the Shack because I’m 101% sure that she’ll enjoy these treats.

The Manila-exclusive Ube Shake is delicious.

THIS IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE! I’m not a huge fan of ube, but their Ube Milkshake is the absolute bomb. I love how their classic vanilla frozen custard ice cream is blended with the ube, a Filipino flavor staple. According to the staff, the milkshake is hand-spun to order, so it’s fresh and served at top quality. I definitely won’t argue with ‘em because I enjoyed their generous serving of the milkshake.

Their Calamansi Limeade is sooo refreshing!

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When I first entered the Shack, I was welcomed by a huge cup of their Calamansi Limeade. Sipping it after being out under the hot Manila sun made this lemonade with a twist an instant favorite. For an international food chain, I found it surprising that they got the refreshing and authentic flavor of our calamansi juice down pat. It has a sour kick with just the right amount of sweetness to balance it out. Given the chance, I would gladly have more than just one glass of this limeade this summer.

They have locally sourced, uniquely flavored Concretes.

Are you a fan of Shake Shack’s Concretes? Well, they did not just bring this iconic dessert to our shores; they also made it very Filipino. All of the ingredients are locally sourced to incorporate iconic Filipino flavors like ube and calamansi.

The Uuuuube-by Baby, a personal favorite of mine, consists of their classic vanilla custard with ube, coconut marshmallow, ube cookies, toasted coconut, crispy pinipig, and leche flan. Think of halo-halo minus the beans and nata.

Their classic Shack Attack has a Manila spin, too. This cCncrete proudly features chocolate brownies from Bucky’s, and 55% cacao from our local brand Auro. I swear: every bite of this Filipino version of Shack Attack will take you to heaven.

Another very Filipino favorite is the Calamansi Pie Oh My, which takes the vanilla custard and mixes it with our local favorite Wildflour Bakery’s Calamansi Pie. This is the most Filipino-tasting Concrete – a definite must-try for those who want to experience Manila through their tastebuds.

They stand for something good, too.

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Shake Shack’s company mission is to Stand for Something Good. As such, they’ll be helping out various organizations in our country by giving 5% of the sales from the Calamansi Pie Oh My concrete to Children’s Hour, an organization that supports projects on education, health and nutrition, and child welfare and development for Filipino children. Aside from supporting Children’s Hour, Shake Shack also partnered with Hope in A Bottle through the Shack2O bottled water. 100% of HOPE’s profits will go to building public school classrooms around the Philippines. Talk about dining with a cause! I’m definitely supporting their Pie Oh My concrete!

The best part about Shake Shack coming to our shores is the fact that they brought New York’s Shake Shack experience here without taking away our heritage and culture. Shack fans won’t be disappointed as they will be able to enjoy “fine casual” dining at a reasonable price through their well-curated menu.

Are you ready to shake it up? The very first Shake Shack in the Philippines opens on May 10 at 11AM at Central Square, Bonifacio High Street. The first 100 guests in line are in for a treat as they’ll be given some cool Shack swag on their opening day. Activities are expected to start at 9AM, so you can have some fun before the Shack opens.

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