MUST READ: As Filipino Citizens, “It is Our Responsibility to be Critical”

When in Manila, politics has been dividing people on social media. With the recent conclusion of the Philippine elections and the upcoming terms of our newly elected officers, one netizen appeals to the electorate:

Romano Jorge Romano Jorge 2

Full text:

Supporting our elected officials shouldn’t mean staying silent when they do wrong. Our loyalty belongs to the nation, not to any political dynasty, personality, or party.

We should be citizens, not fans. It is our responsibility to be critical.

We should support causes such as the swift enactment and effective implementation of the Freedom of Information, Anti-Political Dynasty, Anti-Discrimination, and Reproductive Health Laws, regardless of who is espousing them.

We should be against rape culture, the return to power of plundering political dynasties, the killing of journalists, and deaths squads, regardless of who is behind them.

We shouldn’t side with any political dynasty, be it Duterte, Marcos, Aquino, Arroyo, Cojuangco, Estrada, Roxas, etc. We should side with the nation. We side with what’s right.

Supporting the enactment into law of the Freedom of Information bill shouldn’t mean staying silent about unnamed financiers and unexplained wealth. How can there truly be freedom of information when the commander in chief refuses to disclose his bank accounts, his financiers, or even his heath records?

Supporting anti-crime efforts shouldn’t mean staying silent about government-backed death squads killing people who may be innocent such as critics of the government, journalists, and business rivals, while big time plunderers are pardoned. How can crime be stopped when the government itself becomes murderous?

Supporting the peace process shouldn’t mean staying silent as marxist and jihadist rebel groups continuing their extortion, assassination, and kidnapping with impunity. How can there be peace if terrorism is rewarded with legitimacy and power?

Supporting reproductive health and gender equality shouldn’t mean staying silent about rape jokes and sexual harassment. How can there be female empowerment when the president himself disrespects women?

Supporting the enactment into law of the Anti-Dynasty bill shouldn’t mean staying silent about absolving the Marcos, Arroyo, Estrada, Revilla, and other political dynasties of plunder charges. How can political dynasty rule be ended when the regime itself is run by several political dynasties?

Supporting secularisation shouldn’t mean staying silent about the clout wielded by religious cults and sects that endorsed and financed the regime. How can there be separation of church and state if the government owes a debt of gratitude to religious groups?

Blind faith is always abused. To support the government is to let it know when it does wrong and to demand better of it.

Do you agree with him?

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