MRT-3 temporarily suspends operations

The MRT-3’s operations will temporarily be shut down starting July 7 following the increasing number of personnel who have tested positive for COVID-19.


(Angel Locsin makes a taxpayer’s appeal to the gov’t: “Prioritize COVID-19”)

The suspension is tentatively set for 5 days, from July 7 to July 11. It is intended to give way to RT-PCR (swab) testing of all MRT-3 personnel to prevent further spread of the disease. However, the suspension may either be shortened or extended depending on the pace and results of RT-PCR testing.

Operations will resume once RT-PCR testing confirms a sufficient number of COVID-19 negative personnel to enable the resumption of at least limited operations. In line with this, it may only be a limited number of train sets operating at the beginning if there is a reduced number of available personnel.

According to MRT-3’s statement, the line employs over 3,200 workers and will require at least 1,300 personnel to resume limited operations.

Transportation Asec. Goddes Libiran announced that as of July 6, at least 186 MRT-3 workers have tested positive for COVID-19.

In the meantime, an additional 90 buses will be deployed by the operator to assist passengers while the EDSA busway service will be augmented with another 150 buses. The disinfection of MRT-3’s operating areas will also be conducted during the shutdown.

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