Mr. Brussel Sprout: Artsy Phone Cases to Spice Up Your Gadgets

In 2012, Alex started an online shop selling phone cases and other gadget accessories. Her business grew a lot since then, catering not only to those in the Philippines, but also to people abroad.

She named her shop “Mr. Brussel Sprout” because it is a name you won’t really hear everyday. It is pretty unique and something that truly sticks in the head. I mean, who would think that this is a gadget shop solely by hearing its name? Honestly, I thought that this was just to lure in curious minds such as mine to make me buy stuff from her shop out of amusement.

Her shop’s name isn’t the only thing that sets her apart from similar businesses, though. Her products are also very beautifully crafted. She comes up with designs that customers can tweak based on their personalities and her prices are very reasonable. You can choose between matte and glossy textures and she caters to almost every single type of phone out there – which I found convenient considering that I’ve had trouble finding a shop that creates cases for a Samsung E5.


Another thing that people come back for is the kind of service she offers. Alex personally makes sure that all the items are in perfect condition, and that they are exactly what the customers want and expect. She is very keen on quality control because she wants to ensure that every client gets a good experience with every transaction. She’s also very hands-on in terms of following up on whether or not the package has arrived and the item is in good condition.


I also went through the feedback tag of Mr. Brussel Sprout on IG and a lot of her customers commend the shop because Alex talks to them not as a seller, but as a friend who is easy to approach. Most of them already address her by her first name. According to Alex, “It makes me feel good when clients call me by my first name because I feel like I have made a new friend.”

Some of the customers also commend the shop for the assurance that comes with shopping there. See, if there are any unintentional damages caused by either production or shipping, customers are welcome to have the items replaced.


Last but not least, clients love the shop’s thank you notes. Alex includes a hand-written thank you note in every package, expressing a sincere gesture of her gratitude for trusting in her shop, for patiently waiting, and for ordering.

Quality products. Check. Great customer service. Check.

What more can you ask for? I truly recommend Mr. Brussel Sprout to all gadget lovers out there who want to experience easy, quality, and friendly transactions in the future.

Mr. Brussel Sprout


SMS/Viber/WhatsApp: (0919) 999 8529

Facebook: Mr. Brussel Sprout

Instagram: @mrbrusselsprout

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