Moving and Relocating Tips: 14 Critical Things To Consider for a Hassle-Free Transfer

Moving to another place is either a milestone or a pain in the arse.

I’d be honest. Our lipat-bahay journey wasn’t as smooth as I expected it to be. We recently moved from Manila to Tagaytay. And although it’s a rewarding feeling to move to supposedly “greener pastures,” it’s so hard to grasp right now. It feels like “it’s so near, yet, so far.”

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So, if you are moving anytime soon, I don’t want you to be in the same situation as ours. I’m not being a pessimist, but..

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Here are some of the critical things you must consider before moving.

14. Waste Management: Where and what time do they usually pick up the garbage?

We thought it wouldn’t be an issue, but we thought wrong. Unfortunately, we have to walk about 500 meters long before we reach the garbage area.

critical things to consider when moving

Look how far we have to walk just throw the trash. HAHA. Oh well, at least we get to exercise in the morning! In some areas, however, have their own designated trash bin and specific time of pick-up.

13. Transportation: Are there any alternative means of transportation?

Although there are jeepneys, tricycles, and tuk-tuks in Tagaytay, they are only available at certain times. So, if you need to go out at night, it will take awhile to get one. If you’re moving whether in Tagaytay or not, check first the area if the major places like hospitals, banks, schools, and supermarket are accessible to you. Otherwise, consider having a reliable car.

12. Where to buy fresh vegetables and meat? Are you near the wet market?

First time ko mamalengke sa city market Ng Tagaytay. Everything you see in the picture is below P1000. I budgeted our weekly ulam to 1K lang with or without sweldo. Basta di lalagpas Ng 1k. 🙂 So, my haul for this week’s ulam are: – 1k of pork chop (220) – 1k of GG (80) – 1/2k of ground pork (110) – 1k of chicken thighs and leg parts (160) – 12 eggs (11 na Lang Kasi nabasag ko na Yung Isa haha)- (72) – veggies (132) I needed hangers so I also bought 12 pcs for P35 only. Less the P70 pamasahe from and to palengke. 🙂 Total: 879. ????????????????️ I love how the market is organized here. Hiwalay Ang meat sa vegetables. Magkahiwalay din Ang mala “Ruins” sa mismong palengke. #lifeintagaytay #whenintagaytay #markethaulchallenge #1kchallenge #zerowaste #momswhohustle #chamillieon #hustleandflow

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This is a primary concern for me. I love to cook. I prefer fresh meat and vegetables. Therefore, being near the palengke (wet market) is pivotal. Luckily, we are just one tricycle away (P35 pesos). I hope you find near you too!

11. Drinking Water: Is there a reliable and trustworthy drinking water station?

Okay, we scouted for the nearby hospitals, schools, supermarkets, wet market, but we didn’t consider the water refilling station.

water in tagaytay

Fortunately, our neighbors took us to the nearest water refilling station in our area. It’s a simple thing, but trust me, it’s a potential issue for you and your family. So, check this one first if you can.

10. Space Size: Is the space enough for you and your stuff?

We didn’t anticipate the space, to be honest. We thought the space we have now could accommodate 7 years worth of stuff we accumulated here in the Philippines.

small space condo

So, we ended up having a garage sale. At our new apartment.

garage sale in tagaytay

garage sale in tagaytayInstead of starting anew, we’re barely sorting out stuff.

As a tip: If you knew and have decided you’re moving, sort out stuff you don’t need BEFORE moving. Throw away things you haven’t worn or used, for a year, because it only entails, you really don’t need them anymore. Bring what you and your family need and will use. I know it’s hard, but it’ll be a lot easier. NEED is the key word.

 9. Schools, Hospitals, and Banks: Are there reputable schools nearby? Are the hospitals and banks accessible in your area?

If you have children, this heads the list. Luckily, we didn’t have a hard time looking for schools, as most of the schools here in Tagaytay are reputable. You must consider the accessibility of the hospitals and banks as well.

8. ISP: Any reliable Internet Service Providers in the area?

My partner and I are online workers. We work and transact business online. Therefore, having a reliable Internet is significant. Unfortunately, our side of town isn’t as dynamic as the areas going to Sky Ranch. Although the Internet is available, it’s unbelievably limited. In our area, our ISPs are only PLDT and Globe. The highest speed available is 5MBPS, while Globe can only offer the LTE or Home Broadband without an antenna. Sounds miserable, right?

slow internet PLDT

Before you move, ensure you have at least quality and fast Internet Service Provider in the area.

7. Safety: It is safe in your area?

Please be observant at all times. Double or triple check if you can.

be observant

Ask around for the crime rate, if you should. If you’re moving into a condominium, safety may not be an issue. But, if you are renting an apartment like us, you need to make sure the place is safe.

6. Neighbors/Community: Be Vigilant

It’s vital to know who your neighbors are because you will be living with each other for a while. Encourage a happy community by being helpful yet, transparent.

5. Water Distribution: Is Water substantial?

Water is the main issue here in Tagaytay. Since the city is slowly becoming commercialized, the water distribution is compromised. Although no problem encountered, it’s better to check first with your landlords or condominium developers if the water is substantial in the area.

4. Design and Architecture: Is it designed for a long-term and for family use?

Check if the house/condo/apartment is designed for family use or for long-term use. Otherwise, you will be compromised. The apartment we live in right now is designed for just a short-term use, although, you can design it accordingly. But, the simple foundation like the positioning of the outlets and the faucet for the washing machine isn’t aligned. As a result, we had to adjust everything. So, visualize everything BEFORE moving in.

3. Do you have a garage?

 This is self-explanatory but having your own garage is important. In our case, since we live in a commercial area, it’s a first come, first-served basis.

2. On Actual Moving: Do you have someone who will haul your stuff?

This was our major problem. Thankfully, BAIC Philippines lent us their MZ45, also known as, “Transporter.”


This 11-seater minivan is perfect for either business or home use. With its stylish appearance, extra-large interior, safety features, and affordability, BAIC MZ45 is every “Juan’s” perfect choice. (This costs P568k and on M/T only).

BAIC Philippines

As the name implies, it can transport almost everything without compromising my children’s safety. We were seated comfortably, too. What surprised us was its quick acceleration and stable control. Imagine, we hauled a lot of stuff and took the back road (Silangan) going to Tagaytay but no struggle on the engine. For more information, visit their Facebook page.

Alternatively, you can try the Transportify, thanks to my friend, Anna. She introduced me to this wonderful app. However, another friend of mine who owns a car rental lent us their L300 for P2500 one-way.

1. On Deciding whether to move or not: Ask yourself: Do we really need to move?

What is the main reason of your transfer? Is it really necessary? Or is it just a change of scenery? Whatever your reason may be or wherever you’re moving to, please think about it gazillion times before jumping the gun.

Extra tip: Consider as well the month you’re moving. We started packing stuff end of April and transported stuff in May. It was stressful as the kids were at home. We had balikbayan relatives from LA, whilst working. You may want to fix all your responsibilities such as utility bills and association dues from your old apartment, as well.

Over To You

Moving is hard. I know some friends who were able to settle down after a year or two. If you’re moving, congratulations! I hope you’re more organized and prepared than us. Create a checklist. Maintain an open communication between you and your partner. So, in a succinct manner: you must decide as a family, work and organize the moving out as a team.

Otherwise, the above-mentioned tips should help alleviate potential issues along the way.

Did I miss anything? Any tips you want to share? Tell us in the comments!


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