6 Places in Tagaytay You Can Go to When Life Seems Unfair

In the middle of your hectic and ambiguous life, there comes a time where you find yourself lost in translation. Have you been in that situation where you couldn’t cope with the daily tribulations? When we commit failure after failure? There is a barrage of reasons about it. And because of that, there are times, you don’t even know who you are anymore.

As a parent, planning for a quick getaway could be elusive. But, if necessary, I try to go out and do soul-searching.

Pine-Sol me time

I remembered my beginner’s class with fellow parents at So Fit, Sofitel. She mentioned the importance of finding, caring, and loving yourself first so you can appreciate others wholeheartedly. Parents carry a lot of baggage, so to speak. Hence, de-stressing is vital.

Last week, I traveled to Tagaytay and had a quick retreat to find myself again. Here are a few places to go on and find ourselves and tranquility, all in a span of an hour and a half drive (hopefully no traffic) from Manila to Tagaytay.

6 Places in Tagaytay You Can Go to When Life Seems Unfair

6. Caleruega

Caleruega tagaytay

Photo credit: roxloveslearning.wordpress.com

About 15 minutes away from Tagaytay city proper is the perfect place for soul searching and a bit of spiritual renewal. This place captures invigorating landscapes, breathtaking view of lush mountains and sacred visuals that are truly nourishing to mind, body, and spirit.


If you get hungry, you can check out some awesome eats at The Wild Juan and enjoy the view of Taal Volcano from the restaurant.


5. Taal Vista Hotel

taal-vista-tagaytay (23)

Taal Vista Hotel is precious. Meandering along a ridge above the gaping maw of Taal Volcano, Tagaytay serves up views that will repeatedly force you out of your car to gawk, thus making the hotel a premier destination for relaxation, business or pleasure. Read our full feature here.

4. View Park Hotel Tagaytay

View park hotel

Screengrab from @notyourordinarymum Instagram

View Park Hotel is a must go to place in your itinerary if you want to be provided with both comfort and serenity. It is located right in front of Picnic Grove. The garden area and gazebo are perfect places to go senti, or just curl up with a good book and get lost in it.


3. People’s Park in the Sky

peoples park in the sky

Photo by mustachioventures.blogspot.com

The best times to go here would be when the climate is NOT FOGGY. Else, you can’t see much here. But without the fog, this place is reminiscent of the feels that you would get in Sagada, or pretty close enough.

2. The library at Bodhi Shop 

BODHI mind and body shop tagaytay

Almost a thousand books from the personal collection of the owner are available on hand. Some were donated by her close friends which account for the variety of topics in this unusual library. There are rare books whose original publication dates back to the 1900s, thus making it an Antiquarian bookstore. This public library is located inside La Bella properties in Tagaytay called BODHI Mind & Body Shop. 

The word Bodhi is derived from the name of a tree, Bodhi Tree where Gautama Siddharta, now known as Buddha, had his “enlightenment”. This important value in life is the essence of Bodhi Shop, the newest shop for the mind and body in Tagaytay. The library showcases some artworks painted by different artists as well.

1. Nurture Wellness Village

There is this secret garden in Tagaytay where you can escape from all components bringing you stress.

nurture spa Frank Ruaya When In Manila-99

The place is surrounded with trees; offers rejuvenating spa services and relaxing rooms.

Nurture Spa Village Tagaytay Mae Ilagan Frank Ruaya When in Manila-126

You can also enjoy a gastronomic adventure of healthy and divine meals and glamping tents.

Oftentimes, we need to escape from the noisy and cluttered life in the metro and go to a place to rejuvenate and rekindle with the universe!

So, where do you go when times are tough? Let’s exchange thoughts by commenting below!

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