This Oil and Metal Treatment Gave Our Secondhand Car Better Performance

Every car owner has a “good old reliable.

It’s a vehicle that has been with the family for the longest time, not only due to sentimental value but because it can still be relied on when needed. This vehicle is a workhorse if you will, the backbone, the savior of the new car, and often it is used for anything and everything.

In our family, it is a Toyota Hilux Surf 1991 model. We call her, “Toya.”

Toyota Hilux Surf

I remember the first time it pulled up to the garage and said to myself, “That’s something that will last.”

From day one we used it like it was the only vehicle in town: From going to school, hanging out at the mall, visiting relatives, road trips, out of town on weekends, etc. When I learned to drive it, I made sure our Hilux and the white smoke from exhaust was seen all over the place. We had the time of our lives in that car.

But time caught up with our “reliable.” New technology came out and our Hilux faced heaps of mechanical problems.

Pertua oil and metal treatment

It was smoke belching, oil was dripping, and our mechanic suggested to overhaul the engine.

From being the favorite vehicle, it is now a “spare vehicle” only to be used when alternatives aren’t possible.

Pertua oil and treatment

Although we were always stressed out driving Toya, she still took us to important places like hospitals and supermarkets.

As luck would have it, our mechanic introduced us to Pertua, an Oil & Metal treatment. He shared that it worked on a 1996 Mercedes Benz. I know a little about cars but I haven’t heard about Pertua. Skeptical about it, I placed the Pertua in the glove compartment and thanked him, anyway.

Days went by, and after the oil change and tune up, “Toya” was still noisy and belching. So I thought: “This is the end of Toya.”

Bridgestone Dueller

Especially, when our tires got tired of us too. 

Sad and disappointed, I called our mechanic to schedule her for a checkup. Getting some stuff from the glove compartment, I saw Pertua. I researched about it and one line caught my attention – Saves user on costly repairs and parts.

So, I decided to use it thinking, “What do I have to lose?” I opened the can and poured Pertua where I usually pour my oil and crossed my fingers.

fingers crossed

The first thing I noticed was that the motor was not that noisy. It also seemed to be smoother and quiet. I took it for a spin and was constantly checking my rear view to see if I was still belching. Miraculously, there was no smoke belch. I knew that changes don’t happen overnight, so I waited for a week just to convince myself it did wonders. I noticed that the motor was more powerful and accelerated faster that it has for the past years. When I got home, I checked the garage and noticed that there were no oil drops on the floor as well.

I had our mechanic checked the motor, so we did a test drive and he asked me, “What did you do?” I replied, “I used the Pertua you gave me!” and left our mechanic with a look of astonishment.

So, you’re probably thinking: “What on earth is Pertua?”

What is Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment?

Pertua oil

Pertua is a proud Filipino company that sells Oil and Metal Treatment products, Automotive Oils, and Industrial Oils. What I used for our Toya was the Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment. It has the US Patented DuraSyn Technology, which is a combination of Mechanical Engineering, Lubrication Engineering, and Metallurgy. A Filipino scientist first introduced it in 1991.

How to use?

So easy. As I mentioned, Pertua is an Oil and Metal treatment, therefore, you can pour it along with your oil best done shortly after the oil change. No need for special tools or even a mechanic, you can do it yourself.

What does it do? Pertua has two actions:

  • The anti-friction action and the anti-oxidant action. It’s Anti-friction, so it prevents metal-to-metal contact. Pertua virtually eliminates excessive friction that leads to power loss and damage.
  • Anti-oxidation, on the other hand, prevents the oil from turning into sludge or dirty oil. It also prevents metal corrosion of the motor by removing oxygen. Essentially it cleanses the oil and cleans the metal parts of the motor. In short, it extends your old car’s reliability.

Thus, Pertua prevents heat built up caused by metal-to-metal contact and cleans the motor by removing oxygen from the oil.

Is it advisable for second-hand cars?

Absolutely. Pertua is ideal for second-hand cars or vehicles that have been running for a long time.

How much does it cost?

A can of Pertua costs P399. It blends easily with any regular oil to match the Performance benefits of other Full-Synthetic brands.

Is Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment an additive?

Although it’s applied the same way as you pour an additive, Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment is NOT an additive. It is its own class, incomparable to other additives which goal is just to enhance the oil. Pertua is a unique oil and metal treatment that treats both metal and oil. It can be applied to automotive or industrial oil to prolong the physical and chemical stability of the oil and heavily guard the metal against wear and oxidation. Pertua Oil and Metal treatment do not destroy the composition of the oil unlike the other additives in the market, it only makes them perform better and last longer. It only uses the engine or industrial oil as a conduit to reach the internal parts of the engine that needs to protected and lubricated.

Overall Experience

I was amazed that a product can revive the motor of an old vehicle. Improvements can be noticed immediately. Our Hilux had a very noisy motor that sounded like someone knocking at the door. When I used Pertua that sound disappeared. It was also belching black smoke even after an oil change; Pertua got rid of the smoke belch. But what really amazed me was the power I felt when I used Pertua. It’s like the motor was given a sudden boost, and acceleration was very responsive. I forgot I was driving an old second-hand car.

Pertua worked for me as it revived our old reliable ride. So, I’m sure it will also work for you. Additionally, the suppressing excise tax isn’t forgiving. Imagine, a P600,000 worth vehicle is placed to go up from 2% to 4%. Pertua, Oil and Metal treatment saved me from this headache. People recommend replacing her, but, for people with a limited budget like us, Toya is enough, for now. Not only did Pertua help us save money, it also preserved Toya’s sentimental value.

Don’t take my word for it, try it on your good old reliable too!


Me to Toya. In fact, Toya is our best friend. 🙂

For more details, visit their website Keep up to date by following them on Facebook (, Instagram (@pertuaoil). Most of Pertua’s consumer products can be found nationwide through, Blade Auto Supplies, AllHome branches and the various auto supplies, service centers, and motorcycle shops near you.

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