Moviemov 4: Italian Cinema Now at Shang Cineplex

Moviemov 4: Italian Cinema Now at Shang Cineplex  

Moviemov 4: Italian Cinema Now at Shang Cineplex

Now on its 4th year, the Moviemov Italian Film Festival is back! Featuring the best and most awarded Italian films, the fest will feature stories mostly on the comedic side for a fun yet bit bittersweet time at the Shang Cineplex, which is the new venue for this year’s screenings.

Because Filipinos love comedies, it was considered to have a lineup that will make us laugh and love the offerings of the fest. They chose Shang Cineplex to reach out to the younger audience, particularly students near the area.  

As an added bonus, those who will watch the films will be able to meet three of the actors from the featured movies who personally came here in our country! So expect cameras flashing from July 23-27, the dates of the whole festival. Another thing to look forward to is the raffle where the viewers will get a chance to win gifts from the sponsors!

The Creative Director of Moviemov, Goffredo Bettini, decided to give the festival a more popular and young feature. He said in a written statement, “This concretely demonstrate how much culture and art are the most important channels to confirm the dialogue, the mutual understanding, the feelings as love and peace.”

Themed as Moviemov 4: Italian Cinema Now, included in the list of movies are; the most recent winner of the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, La grande bellezza (The Great Beauty); Il Sud è Niente (South Is Nothing); Anni Felici (Those Happy Years); Allacciate le cincture (Fasten Your Seatbelts); Il Capitale Umano (Human Capital); Smetto quando voglio (I Can Quit Whenever I Want); and Benur – Un Gladiatore in Affitto.

Also to be showcased is the A Tutto Tondo, a short film that involves a Filipino family’s encounter with a young and lonely lawyer when their paths met.

Another thing to watch out for is the restored films of famed Italian filmmaker Ettore Scola, which will be showcased and called the “Classic Retrospective.” His classic titles Dramma della gelosia (The Pizza Triangle), C’eravamo Tanto Amati (We All Loved Each Other So Much) and La Cena will be viewed to the public.

Here is the screening schedule:

Moviemov 4: Italian Cinema Now at Shang Cineplex

So, if you love Italian films, now’s the time to catch them! It’s for free so you don’t have any excuses to miss Moviemov 4!

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Moviemov 4: Italian Cinema Now at Shang Cineplex


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