Movember Inspiration: Grow that ‘Stache for a Cause!

James Franco
Movember inspiration

Photo via Oyster Mag

Hands-down the best-looking guy I have seen with a moustache!


Orlando Bloom

Movember inspiration

Photo via Lady Med

Orlando Bloom pulls it off really nicely, too!



Movember inspiration

Photo via TV Tropes

Prince is undoubtedly the prince of all moustaches, though. Plus, he knows how to keep it tame and clean.


Will Smith

Movember inspiration

Photo via Biography

Another guy who knows how to keep his ‘stache clean? Will Smith!


Tom Selleck

Movember inspiration

Photo via Nuffnang Australia

Obviously the best moustache-wearer EVER. But it’s practically impossible for men who aren’t Tom Selleck to pull this off, so I wouldn’t even try if I were you. :p

Prostate cancer is now one of the leading causes of death among Filipino males. Statistics show that about 25% of men afflicted with prostate cancer die of the disease. Patients who survive the cancer still require treatment to ease symptoms such as pain, bleeding, and urinary obstruction. So, When in Manila, become a part of the Mo Barkada and make people sit up and listen, just like the Giraffe riddle and Thor did last month!






Movember Inspiration: Grow that ‘Stache for a Cause!

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