Movember Inspiration: Grow that ‘Stache for a Cause!

Of course, there’s no fun being in the Mo Barkada if you just let the wilderness grow. So, here are some men that you can gain some Movember inspiration from:

The Mario Brothers

Movember inspirationPhoto via Video Game Rescue

In my opinion, Mario Mario has the best and most epic moustache ever.


The Pringles Guy

Movember inspiration

If only coz he’s such a happy fella!


Hulk Hogan

Movember inspiration

Photo via VU Students

Not only is his ‘stache epic but it will definitely get people asking and talking.


Adolf Hitler

Movember inspiration

Photo via Biography Online

While not the best guy to get inspiration from in life, he does have an unforgettable ‘stache. Just make sure you reserve this one for the very last day of Movember – and only just to laugh at. By yourself. In the mirror. Or, you know, you can put a smile on your face and a hat on your head and say that you drew your Movember inspiration from this guy instead:


Charlie Chaplin

Movember inspiration


Photo via Nuray Pictures
Stop me before I add Yosemite Sam to the list!!! For more serious ideas for Movember inspiration, read the next page!

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