Movember Inspiration: Grow that ‘Stache for a Cause!

Movember Inspiration: Grow that ‘Stache for a Cause!

While not as popular When in Manila as in other countries, I need to point out that: Movember is here! 😀 You might just know Movember as plain ol’ November, though, so here’s a quick run-down on what MOvember is all about.

Movember Inspiration: MovemberPI

All around the world in November, men (and sometimes even women?) grow their moustaches to raise awareness for men’s health issues through the month-long Movember (moustache + November – get it?). Here in the Philippines, MovemberPI aims to raise awareness for prostate cancer in the Philippines.

You might not know this, but only 50% of men who are diagnosed with cancer actually survive because they do not have the money for regular check-ups and thus just look for medical help when things are already extreme. By then, it is already too late. MovemberPI aims to educate people on how important regular testing is. With additional funds, they will also pay for treatments and tests for people who cannot afford them.

The rules are simple:

1. Grow a moustache.

2. Promote your moustache.

3. Have fun in the process! 😀

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