Enjoy Mouthwatering Meat and Seafood Platters at Johnny Kahuku

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Johnny Kahuku’s Hawaiian Shrimphouse is a fun-loving restaurant that serves exciting meat and seafood platters. It is named after the legendary soul surfer and talented chef Johnny Kahuku. The restaurant’s concept is inspired by all things Hawaiian — a bright and relaxing ambiance paired with delicious hearty meals bringing people together.

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Johnny Kahuku has A LOT of dishes that you will certainly fancy.

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Salted Egg Shrimp Bucket – Php635

This Hawaiian restaurant specializes in fresh seafood. Thus, before devouring all the meat platters, we wanted to try the Salted Egg Shrimp Bucket first.

This dish consists of white shrimps, salted egg butter, coconut cream, baby potatoes, and corn. The flavorful sauce makes the shrimp bowl all the more delectable.

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Johnny’s Grilled Platter – Php1,888

Johnny Kahuku’s Grilled Platter is SENSATIONAL. “Mapapatirik mga mata mo sa sarap” is the only way I could genuinely describe it because that’s what happened to me! This platter is a celebration of juicy and mouthwatering meat. It has bacon and cheese stuffed pork chops, honey garlic glazed baby back ribs, grilled US shortribs, hungarian sausage, barbecue and ranch sauce, grilled corn, hawaiian rice, and salad greens.

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Freshest Catch Platter – Php1,788

The Freshest Catch Platter certainly lives up to its name. As I ate the seafood, I remembered some of the beach trips I had with my friends where we would just grill our food by the beach front. The platter is made up of grilled tuna steak, grilled shrimps, grilled stuffed squid, fresh oysters, deep fried crab, grilled corn, macaroni, and salad greens.

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Johnny’s Baby Back Ribs – Half Rack: Php695 | Full Rack: Php1,299

If you want to have a meal that’s a little less heavy, go for Johnny’s Baby Back Ribs. This platter is composed of appetizing hickory barbecue glazed ribs, poi soup, hawaiian fried rice, salad greens, and grilled corn. You can even try it out with some of Johnny Kahuku’s special house sauces to make it even more delicious!

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Coco Loco – Php278

The Johnny Kahuku Hawaiian dining experience would not be complete without the Coco Loco dessert. I was extremely full after eating all of the platters, but I could not find it in myself to say no to this wonderful concoction. The Coco Loco is a vanilla ice cream dessert served in a coconut with mango, macapuno strings, sweetened red beans and whipped cream. I finished every single bit of this dessert — even the coconut meat!

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Your experience at Johnny Kahuku will be an undeniable 10/10 because at their center is its fun-loving innovative dishes and great ambiance. You’ll really feel like you’re getting your money’s worth!

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I certainly can’t wait to see what new and exciting meals I can expect the next time I visit!

Johnny Kahuku’s Hawaiian Shrimphouse

2nd Level Newport Mall Resorts World Manila, Pasay

916 7518