Mould: All of Your Gentlemanly Style Woes Solved

If you’ve lived in the Philippines for a while, you should know that there aren’t a lot of quality personal care products for men in the country. Sure, there are the basics and the popular brands, but nothing really stands out or feels and looks ‘gentlemanly’ (for lack of a better term). This is where Mould comes in.

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Mould was established in 2015 by Marco Bryan Ong and Darlene Diane Dy, both of whom are enthusiasts of fashion and luxurious goods. Due to the aforementioned lack of high quality personal care products in the Philippines, Marco and Darlene decided to develop high quality personal care goods that cater to the metropolitan Manila gentlemen and, of course, to the millennials.

Generally speaking, Mould offers various products that today’s men will find ultra helpful in everyday life in terms of grooming and caring for their looks. Here are the products that they have to offer:

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My boyfriend Julian currently swears by Mould’s Classic Hold Pomade, which keeps his hair in place yet keeps it looking soft at the same time – just the way he likes it. Mould has carefully sourced the finest ingredients to create this one-of-a-kind water-based hair product and it’s suitable for all hair types. According to Julian, it is extremely easy to wash out afterwards, too, so your scalp will be completely clog-free. All that aside, it’s proudly Filipino made to boot!

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If, in case, you need something to wash your hair products out of your hair, Mould also offers an all-around cleanser in the form of the Mould Clarifying Shampoo. Made with hydrolyzed keratin and aloe vera, your hair will stay both strong and moisturized with this one. The shampoo’s 250ml pump bottle looks really cool, too.

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If you’re the type of guy who is growing facial hair, then Mould’s Beard Oil Elixir is a dream come true as it will help maintain healthy and groomed facial hair, leaving your beard calm and smooth, and your facial skin moisturized. Even if you don’t have facial hair, though, you can use the oil after shaving to calm any razor burns.

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Mould has perfume, too, and it comes in two different variants: Canvas and Fresh. While they both smell really good, I personally prefer the Canvas one over the Fresh one. The Canvas one has a kind of cool, citrusy and woody scent to it, while the Fresh one is more of a musky scent. Of course, it all boils down to preference in the end. The good news is that Mould is currently working on even more unique blends. I can’t wait to smell them soon! 🙂

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Overall, Mould combines exquisite craftsmanship and formulation, and innovative solutions, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience and up-to-date trendy products. You can find their products at their affiliated barbershops around the Metro, including Bond St. Social (Aguirre, Parañaque), Slick Barbers Co. (Makati), Southern Town Barbershop (Muntinlupa), To The Nines Lifestyle Store (Maginhawa), Razor Sports Barber (Trinoma), Talas Manileno (Cubao Expo & Landers Superstore), Tuf Barbershop (Cebu), The Block (Kalibo), Barberian (West Gate Alabang), Lukkas Barbershop (Taguig), Hashtag Manila (Katipunan), Sole Slam Manila (Glorietta 2 and Alabang Town Center), The Executive Barber (Bulacan), and Slickville Barbers (Loyola Heights).

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