Moira Dela Torre Clears the Air About Rumored Feud with Regine Velasquez

Moira Dela Torre has finally addressed the rumored feud between her and co-judge on Idol Philippines, Regine Velasquez.

Rumors of the two being in conflict started to spread after they butted heads on the show regarding contestants whose style of singing sound almost exactly like Moira’s.

Moira Dela Torre


Regine criticized contestant Leann Ganzon in an episode aired early May about how there was no uniqueness in her performance, saying that she “sounds the same” as everyone else. Moira quickly jumped into Leann’s defense to say that Leann can still find her unique voice, just as Moira did when she had been given the opportunity to better her sound at the recording studio.

When asked on Tonight With Boy Abunda about whether the tension between Moira and Regine from the episode was real, Moira affirmed it. “Opo, pero kasi dun lang yun (yes, but it’s only on the show. What happens on the table, stays on the table. The moment we stand up, okay na kami (we’re okay),” she said.

Moira also clarified that it wasn’t because of differences in music taste.

Hindi naman siya sa taste. Yung pinanggagalingan lang ni Mama Reg was ayaw niya na may mga kapareho akong boses,” she added. “Kung baga, sinasabi niya na alam niya pag binabago ng isang tao yung boses niya [to sound a certain way] or kung natural yung boses niya na ganun talaga.”

(“It’s not the difference in music taste. Where Mama Reg was coming from is that she doesn’t want contestants with a similar singing style as me. She was just saying that she knows if a person is changing her voice [to sound a certain way] or if it really is her natural voice.”)

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Moira also believed that there’s nothing wrong with changing one’s voice depending on that person’s artistry. “It’s bad because it’s not who you are, but it’s not because you may want to explore spaces outside of what you have,” Boy Abunda said, to which Moira agreed.

“I just wanted to defend the artist na napagsabihan ng ganun kasi alam ko yung hirap, kung gaano kahirap hanapin yung boses mo na sobrang kumportable ka to express yourself,” she added.

(“I just wanted to defend the artist who was criticized for such because I know how difficult it is to find your voice with which you’re comfortable expressing yourself.”)

Do you agree with Moira’s opinion, or do you side with Regine? Sound off in the comments below!