MODUS OPERANDI: The Bubblegum Gang

When in Manila, we recently heard of the “Siopao Sauce Gang.” Now, a Facebook user from Cebu posted about another modus operandi. Her post was originally written in Bisaya, so for the sake of our readers, my friend translated it to English:


Earlier this morning around 10:45 am, I rode a jeepney 962C) from Talamban to University of San Carlos – main. I was victimized by the so called, “Bubblegum modus” where these people would stick bubblegum to your hair and keep you distracted, giving them the chance to pick your pockets. They usually come as a group of about 5-7 men (who have quite a huge physique).

They rode the jeep in the flyover of Banilad near Foodland where you can find BDO. What they would do is ride the jeep with plenty of passengers and where they have to squeeze themselves in.

So this is what happened, I was sitting behind the driver seat (since I was bringing my stocks and a backpack; good thing I brought them with me Huhu theyre my savior!!) On my right side is a guy w/ a backpack. I was wondering why he kept on moving around but I didn’t mind it and at that time still had no idea of what was happening. I also wondered why I didn’t bother fixing my backpack even though I felt like they were having a hard time sitting. I don’t why! But then I knew that they were going to do something bad. The guy beside me even paid for his fare. I pointed to him where the jeepney conductor was and that’s when he stuck the bubblegum to my hair. And then there’s this one other guy in front who pointed out to me that I had bubblegum on my hair and even said to me “Get it!” You would never believe is part of their group because he dressed up so formal.

Suddenly, I realized it was a modus. So I stared at the guy as If I didn’t care about the bubblegum on my hair. I stared down at them and noticed that he was looking at one of his mates and signaling as if to say that there’s no chance in succeeding. They also did it to another girl in the same jeepney but good thing she noticed the modus.

They went down under the bridge near Calda Pizza and a convenience store and rode another jeep (03L) going to SM City Cebu.

Good thing they weren’t able to get anything from us. Beware whenever you’re in a jeepney because you never know whom you’re riding with.

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bubblegum modus

The original post is:


Earlier this morning around 10:45am, I rode a jeepney (62C) from Talamban to USC-Main. I was victimized by this so-called “Bubblegum Modus” wherein kaning nga tawhana, magpilit2x sa imong buhok ug bubblegum para lang makakuot! Mga 5-7 sila kbuok lalaki(as in mga dagkong lawas bya unta!!!) nisakay sila sa mai flyover sa Banilad (near foodland kana mai BDO).

Modus nila, musakay sa mga jeep nga puno and makigsiksikan..

So this is what happened, i was sitting luyo sa driver seat (since I was bringing my stocks and a backpack; good thing ako jud silang gdala!! Huhu savior jud sla nako!!) in my right side, a guy w/ a backpack, tingala lng ko lihokan kaau xa, so wala rko, nooo idea that time, Wala sad jd naku gtarong akong backpack bahala nagkalisod sila, idk why! Mao diay naa jd buhatong daotan)!! And then, pinapliti2 pa xa, tsk! pinatudlo pko naa ddto ang konduktor ug sa dhang gpilitan nko’g bubblegum. And there’s this one guy sa atbang kauban nla and d jd katoohan nga kauban sila kay nakaformal, pinatudlo2 nga naai bubblegum sa akong hair w/ matching “Kuhaa!!” And suddenly, this modus came up sa akong mind so I stared at him and as if wala ko’y paki sa bubblegum!! Nanghimantay ko nila, and ako nakita, he looked at his kauban and pinalingo2x pa xa w/c means (wala/wala jd pag-asa!!). Same jeepney, sa pikas pud diay ang girl sad hapit mabiktima, mygne kabantay xa!!
Ninaog sila sa ubos sa bridge may Calda/Convenience store sa Ubos and nisakay 03L to SM.

Good thing wala’y nakuha namo!! Beware lang jud mo, better aware nlng f u’re riding a jeepney jud kay d nka makaila sa mga kasakay nimo!!


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Credits to Rica Aquino for the translation