MODUS OPERANDI: Pickpockets Use ‘Siopao Sauce’ to Trick People


MODUS OPERANDI Pickpockets Use 'Siopao Sauce' to Trick People

These days, people are becoming smarter and less vulnerable to criminals and their different methods of tricking them. As a result, these criminals are becoming more creative with their ways by developing new ideas to steal.

Take for example this new modus operandi from the Siopao Sauce Gang, who use the condiment from a popular Chinese snack to trick people and steal from them. Fortunately, two suspected members were arrested this afternoon after a failed attempt.

Their style is to tell people that there’s siopao sauce on their clothes. While the victim is distracted, another member takes his or her valuables. This was exactly what happened to a bus passenger in Mandaluyong, who was told that she had siopao sauce stain on her shirt. When she couldn’t find it, she gave wet tissue to the person so he could wipe it. According to her, the man was rushing to clean the imaginary stain.

When she found out she was robbed, she sought the help of a MMDA personnel who was stationed nearby. Two suspects were arrested but a third one got away, taking the victim’s cellphone.

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