MMDA Responds to Request of Removing Garbage Dumped on ‘Estero’

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) shared the post below, which shows their response and action regarding a request they received to get rid of the garbage dumped along Estero de Binondo in San Juan, Divisoria.

Here’s the full post from MMDA’s Facebook page:

In response to the request sent by Ms. Myra C. Tuazon – Fontilla on Facebook regarding the removal of garbage dumped along Estero de Binondo in San Juan, Divisoria, The MMDA Flood Control and Sewerage Management Office (FCSMO) headed by Dir. Baltazar Melgar conducted an operation at the said location last January 25, 2016. The operation was particularly spearheaded by the FCSMO North Manila Flood Control Operation District.

Along with the post are photos showing before and after MMDA did the clean-up.

MMDA Garbage Dump (1) MMDA Garbage Dump (2)

It’s best if MMDA would do this regularly, or at the very least, monitor the area so that garbage won’t be dumped on it anymore.

One netizen suggested via comment that those who will throw garbage in the area should be apprehended. Apparently, the comment also mentioned that people throwing garbage in the “estero” are illegal vendors.

Also, is there anything that can be done with the water?

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